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The text box below is for  your reports, for branch website link submissions, for event copy submissions, for calendar submissions, etc. 
In other words: for those things pertaining to the office of a Branch Chronicler. For anything else, please send it separately via email to:

Information needed from you: Current Subscription numbers; current [estimated] Branch population; upcoming Branch Event information; MEETING MINUTES (includes attendance count); ANYTHING your Branch needs posted online; after-event wind-down meeting results (to see how the event went all around). So far, these are the requirements I need from you. 

Monthly reports are filed as follows: A copy of your Branch Newsletter, either e-mailed (cut & paste, if necessary) -or- pertinent parts of your Branch Newsletter (i.e., meeting minutes, attendance record, regular Branch "events" schedule [business meetings, A&S meetings, fighter practices, etc.], ANY Officer changes, & anything the Branch needs posted online via e-mail --OR-- regular mailing of the Branch Newsletter. The monthly reports (i.e., Newsletters) are due by the 1st of the month they are printed for (i.e., if it is, say, the January newsletter, I would need to receive it by January 1. If you need my address, please see your CRIER or send an e-mail to: WR Chronicler requesting a mailing address.

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