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News for December 3

Tim Dwight scored his 2nd receiving touchdown of the season yesterday in the Raiders 34-20 victory over the Denver Broncos. The Raiders are now 4-8 on the season.

For the season, Dwight now has 5 catches for 76 yards and 2 TDs. He has also returned 8 punts for 51 yards, and 1 kickoff for 30 yards.

News for November 5 posted the following Q & A with Tim Dwight:

Q: How do you feel to be the newest member to the Silver and Black?

Tim Dwight: Itís a team that I have battled against before in my career but its good to be a Raider. Just being here the last three days, you start to understand that there is something special about the team. Starting with the owner and coming all the way down to the guys who work the equipment room, itís neat to have that type of pride.

Q: So will there be an extra special feeling when you pull that jersey over your head for the first time come Sunday?

Tim Dwight: Yeah, itís going to be fun out there. Just getting back to playing in this league with the group of guys Iíve been around for the past three days. They want things to move in the right direction even though the record doesnít reflect that. We have put in a really hard three days and we'll see if we can put it all on the field together on Sunday.

Q: For you personally, what are you going to try to do on the field Sunday?

Tim Dwight: I am a guy who likes to do things right and just being in the system for three days is a challenge to go out there and be perfect all the time. Thatís what I think every player strives for, to be perfect on all your assignments. I am just going to try to keep relaxed and let the game come to me. We will see what happens.

Q: Can you recall your strongest memory of the Raiders before you joined the team?

Tim Dwight: I played the Raiders a couple times when I was with the San Diego Chargers. The games were always tough battles. I remember the Chargers had a great game in 2002 in Oakland. It went into overtime and we won. Later in the season, they came back down to San Diego and beat us bad on their way to the Super Bowl. Thinking about the game I played here was a great game, one of the best games I played in.

News for November 4

Tim Dwight caught a 28 yard touchdown pass in his debut for the Oakland Raiders, which was a 24-17 loss to the Houston Texans.

The Raiders host the Chicago Bears next week.

News for October 30

According to the Iowa City Press Citizen, Tim Dwight will sign a 1-year contract with the Oakland Raiders, possibly as soon as today.

Read the article right here.

News for October 18

The following comes from the San Jose Mercury News:

Veteran punt and kick returner Tim Dwight worked out Wednesday afternoon as the Raiders search for more production in the return game, particularly on punts.

Coach Lane Kiffin moved Chris Carr back into the role of punt returner last Sunday after rookie Johnnie Lee Higgins failed to do much in the first four games. Carr called for a fair catch on his three returns.

Dwight is also is an accomplished wide receiver. The Raiders have only four receivers on their 53-man roster.

News from October 5

The Iowa City-Press Citizen recently conducted an interview with Tim Dwight. Dwight discusses some highlights from his college career, and gives an update on his current NFL situation.

Read the article right here.

News from September 9

The following comes from

NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the Patriots recently visited with free agent returner/receiver Tim Dwight.

This is probably another Jets-Patriots mind game, with the Pats trying to get insider info from Dwight about Eric Mangini's team. Dwight has chronic foot problems that could have already ended the 32-year-old's career.

News for August 27

The New York Jets have released Tim Dwight. Read about it right here.

Stay tuned to see where Dwight goes from here...

News for June 30

The Daily Iowan recently did an interview with Tim Dwight. Dwight gives his thoughts on the upcoming season for the New York Jets and Iowa Hawkeyes, and also discusses whether this season might be his last

Read the article right here.

News for May 31

The official website of the New York Jets posted a story about Tim Dwight. It covers Tim's current role on the Jets, his future in the game, and his off-the-field ventures. Read it right here.

News for May 21

The Iowa City Press Citizen printed three stories about Tim Dwight.

The first story covers Dwight's annual football camp in Iowa City, IA, and can be read by clicking here.

The second story talks about Dwight's sporting future. Read it right here.

The third and final article covers Dwight's views on the image of NFL players. Read it by clicking here.

"I enjoy running the ball back as much as anybody, but it's also fun to blow somebody up."
Tim Dwight

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