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My Valentines Prayer

This day so special,
So how can it be?
My sweet lover,
Isn't here with me.

A true prisoner of Cupid,
My heart belongs to you.
I will forever wear your ring,
In memory of the way we were.

So many years I waited,
And prayed for a love so true.
I will forever remember the day,
God answered my prayers with you.

What a perfect friendship,
We shared together.
You promised me, my love,
We would have it forever.

And how our love grew,
With respect and affection.
I don't know what I have done,
To deserve this complete rejection.

But for my birthday, if I can have one wish,
Just one gift, that is all.
I pray you will remember me,
With the gift of just one call.

God my love, you have no idea,
What this soul is going through.
Remember, my love for you is everlasting,
And my arms forever open for you.

Valerie Rojas

Trust In Love

Are the memories of us,
Fading from the walls of your mind?
Dimming and fading,
With the passing of time?

Are they cracking and peeling,
With each passing day?
Why are you hiding your love,
So deep and far away?

While in my heart,
My memories are vivid and clear.
I hear your laughter and love,
As you whisper in my ear.

The touch of your hand,
Still caresses my face.
In our short time together,
A lifetime of your beauty and grace.

Now the fear of losing you forever,
Like a mist clouding my soul.
Without you in my life,
How can I ever be whole?

Searching my soul,
Trying to release the fears.
But my heart fills with sorrow,
And my eyes with tears.

God, help me to let go,
And put my faith in you.
To trust in our love,
And the rest will follow through.

Valerie Rojas

Fallen Tears

A never ending love,
Causes this never ending pain.
An emptiness so deep,
It's driving me insane.

A deep dark hole,
Where my heart used to be.
Her beautiful love,
Is such a part of me.

My soul feels so cold,
Without her loving touch.
She filled my life with joy and meaning,
Has there ever been a love mean so much?

How many tears,
Have fallen on these lines?
As I express my heartache,
With the rhythm of my rhyme.

I have tried so hard,
To say good-bye.
But I still live in every moment,
And I wonder why.

Why this love we share,
She has chosen to ignore.
Why she turned her back,
And locked the door.

It wasn't a dream,
What we have been through.
In her heart she knows,
Our souls intertwined in a love so true.

So let these tears fall,
Like rain on my face.
Until she is in my arms again,
And love will again take their place.

Valerie Rojas

Love Is The Only Truth

Love is the only truth,
The vastest of all emotions.
And when the love is pure,
It's deeper than any ocean.

No one can take away,
This love I cherish so.
The depth of this love.
Is something only we can know.

We caressed and cared for it,
And watched it mature and grow.
We held each others hearts,
And in a glance, our love always showed.

Now the miles that distance us,
Seem like an impossible void.
But nothing can ever really separate us,
Love is truth, and truth can't be destroyed.

So search your heart for the truth,
And the love is what you will find.
I am forever a part of your heart,
And forever your a part of mine.

Valerie Rojas

A Timeless Moment

Sweet tender moments,
Forever playing in my mind.
The softest sweetest kisses,
I will ever hope to find.

Came from you, my love,
With all your heart and soul.
The only way to give your love,
With meaning, complete and whole.

Sex without love is nothing,
Only from the soul has it worth.
But when two souls meet,
There is nothing like it on this earth.

This story is ours my love,
Its one of mutual love and respect.
Nothing can weaken this union,
Not time, distance or neglect.

An everlasting moment in time,
Our love was truly sent,
Into each others hearts forever,
Creating our own timeless moment.

Valerie Rojas


Wishin' I could hold you close,
Secure in my arms like before.
Feeling your heart beat next to mine,
Baby I would hold you throughout all time.

Wishin' I could touch you,
Caress soft your face.
Hold you so gently,
No one can ever take your place.

Wishin' I could kiss you,
Your sweet lips I miss.
My memories so clear,
Seems like forever since we kissed.

Wishin' I could hear your voice,
Melodic whispers in my ear.
Dear One, why are you so far away?
And how much longer to have you near?

Maybe these are empty wishes,
Maybe you can't hear my cries.
All I know is since you've been gone,
A part of me has surely died.

Valerie Rojas

Does She Still Care For Me?

Isn't this the same sun,
That warms my baby's day?
And isn't this the same moonlight,
That lights my baby's way?

Isn't this the same breeze,
That so gently whispers her name?
With out her next to me,
Nothing is the same.

So tell me.....
Where in this world is,
My sweet baby girl?
Where in this world,
Can she be?

Where in this world is,
My sweet baby girl?
And does she,
Still care for me?

And isnt this the heart,
That she embraced?
When she promised her love,
Throughout all time and space.

And now she is so far away,
I've promised to let her be.
But my heart is aching ,
Wondering does she still care for me?

So tell me.....Please
Where in this world is,
My sweet baby girl?
Where in this world,
Can she be?

Where in this world is,
My sweet baby girl?
And does she,
Still care for me?

Valerie Rojas

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