Children of the Darkness

Welcome to Children of the Darkness Stables!

We are located outside of the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. Children of the Darkness is focused on Thoroughbred and Appaloosa racers, as well as Appaloosa show horses. Along with these breeds, you will also find a few Quarter Horses that we use in our Appaloosa breeding program, and a few Warmbloods and Arabians here and there.

Children of the Darkness doesn't breed for quantity -- rather, we breed for quality. Each of our broodmares have run on the track and have at least won one race, while our racing stallions have all raced and are stakes winners. If they are unproven on the track, we don't breed them. We breed winners to winners, and recieve winners. Our show horses have the same high standards -- we don't breed our horses until they have proven themselves in the show ring. We are very competitive on the stock horse circuit, and on the open, doing primilarly hunter and dressage and all aspects of western.

Children of the Darkness produces our own hay, corn, wheat, and a few other crops, that we use on our own farm as well as send to the local markets. We raise prime meat cows, mostly Angus and Herefords. We also have a few dairy cows for our personal milk needs. You don't know how much milk our kids and employees drink in a day. I personally can't drink milk.

So, I welcome you again and again. You will always be welcomed here at CoTD. So next time you're looking for a racing or showing prospect, please contact me, Aia Antilles anytime.

-- Aia Antilles, owner and founder of Children of the Darkness

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