Children of the Darkness

Here is a list of our fine breeding stallions. We have a good selection of Thoroughbred, Appaloosa, and Quarter Horse stallions. So please click on the horse's logo to go to their informative webpage. Thank you.

NOTE: None of our forms work currently, I have to find a new form server thing. So if you want to breed to one of these stallions, just contact me via email.


Giant's Causeway
Barn 1, Stall 5

Barn 1, Stall 1

Barn 3, Stall 7

NCH Torch Bearer (EASC)
Barn 3, Stall 8

Stock Horses

Honor's Courage
Barn 1, Stall 2

Barn 1, Stall 3

Zippo's Wild Kid
Barn 1, Stall 4

Client's Horses

Dreams Made Flesh
[link under construction]
Barn 1, Stall 6

Link to all of Tyena's Studs
All in Barn 2, except SSF Muscat (EASC) & October Frost, they are in Barn 4

-- Aia Antilles, owner and founder of Children of the Darkness

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