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A Challenge for Roy Littlesun

by Thomas Francis

A letter sent to Roy Little Sun on July 6, 2000

Greetings, Roy Littlesun!

Word of your recent errors indicates that you impede the proper transmission of the Hopi Message of Peace by your attempt to present your own thoughts as if you speak for the Hopis. That Message, which began with the report of the allegedly "first" atomic test at White Sands in 1945, must and will continue toward its completion, for the sake of all life on Earth. Those concerned with the true transmission of that Message are therefore obliged to offer you the opportunity to justify your actions, and, if you fail to present justification, respectfully demand that you cease and desist from the errors brought to your attention. Continued persistence in those errors beyond that point will publicly show that you act contrary to the Hopi Sinom, and must be discredited to assure that their life-saving Message of Peace is faithfully conveyed.

I serve you notice of these errors, beginning with the issue of representation. After the Hopis received word of the atomic test at White Sands through messengers from aboriginal people living within sight of the visible "premature dawn," they held meetings over the next three years, culminating at Shungopovi Kitsoki. They fit together the various prophecies from several lineages, formerly not openly discussed. The result was the body of knowledge called the Hopi Message of Peace. They chose four spokesmen to convey the message to the people meeting in a "house made of mica" on the east coast. These were the only spokesmen ever appointed for this purpose. Beyond them, no one else is specially appointed. All who hear and understand the Message are by that fact obliged to tell their neighbors throughout the world. It is to be done freely, without charge, just as a mother would not charge her baby for milk. It is divine nourishment for the whole human family, to enable their emergence from the dilemma of war, which will otherwise end their life in this world prematurely, and very painfully.

That composite message from several lineages was summarized in five major points. Since you profess to convey the message of the Hopis to the world, yet to my knowledge have never conveyed it, I respectfully demand that you name those five points. If you cannot name those five points, you must admit that the message you convey is simply your own message, and honesty requires that you present it as such. To say this does not diminish your message. If it is true, you need not present it behind a false label.

The effort of Titus Q÷÷mayumptewa is unique, and critical to the success of the Hopi purpose, because it embodies the uncompromised peaceful aboriginal title to the land granted by Maasaw, which was preserved through the founding of Hotvel Kitsoki in 1906, under the guidance of Yukiwma. By definition, this kind of title cannot lawfully be overruled by any political entity in what we call the "free world." Industrialists stricken with greed therefore use force to steal the resources protected by the covenants that define the aboriginal peoples of the world, and hide the true nature of their actions through frauds which completely engulf the courts and the news and educational media worldwide. All the other Hopi kitsokis (sacred communities formed as shrines) compromised their aboriginal title in and about 1906, yielding to force, and participating in the grand fraud thenceforth.

Titus asked all who were willing and able, to protect the aboriginal title to his farm. This powerful connection to the living Creator of the universe, Qataimataq, accomplished through the entitlement received through Maasaw, will empower the entire global web of peaceful aboriginal jurisdictions against the force and fraud of genocidal industrialism. You and I collaborated to accomplish this end for Titus, through Supreme Strategy, as it is called by the Taoists. As you may recall, Supreme Strategy consists in bringing about a Perfect Victory without a battle, by convincing the apparent adversary that it is to his best advantage to join rather than fight. Titus had been calling for anyone so willing, to "stir up the ant hill." His objective remained the protection of peaceful aboriginal title as initiated by Maasaw. To stir up the ant hill is to awaken the laggards from their lethargy regarding their obligations as title holders.

To arouse people and yet sacrifice their hold on their land and their pure aboriginal sovereignty is not the purpose of stirring up the ant hill. You mistook this admonition as a call to provoke the "Hopi Tribe" (created in 1936 by the United States) by various reckless threats. For example, you threatened to destroy the water tower illegally installed at Hotvel Kitsoki. You said these actions were condoned by the remaining Yukiwma loyalists, but when I asked them about that, it turned out to be your own idea entirely. After such actions finally resulted in papers properly served for your eviction, and you failed to answer in the manner that would deny them the legal power to evict you, I told you that you would soon be arrested if you stayed at the farm.

So far, no Supreme Strategy was in place. These people, who Titus said must not be allowed to take his land, were given no reason to join, and every reason to oppose that effort. Their eviction of you could only boost their strength to rule in fraud unopposed. Therefore, I urged you to find a place where we could retreat and continue to develop a true Supreme Strategy, without being interrupted by a useless and needless arrest. I then drove you to a location outside the geographical limits of the "Hopi Tribe" federal enclave.

A few days later, I received a telephone call from Titus' daughter Rena, who said you had returned and that the armed forces of the "Hopi Tribe" and the Bureau of Indian Affairs had arrested you. I obtained the assistance of a source of legal information that enabled you to set up the court in Holbrook to avoid pursuing the "Hopi Tribe" case against you. However, you had needlessly accomplished the opposite of Supreme Strategy with respect to the "Hopi Tribe." The result is that you have completely betrayed Titus by making armed confiscation of his land holding much easier, and travelling around as if you were a hero, rather than having the courage to stay and quench the dangerous "fire" you so carelessly started.

This may all seem like a complicated affair, which those new to the situation may not care to study. If they wish to know more, they are free to inquire of me regarding anything that may not be clear. I bring it to your attention in this message, with the most privacy that can be managed under the present circumstances, so you can eliminate the more foolish aspects of your activities before you do more damage to the interests of the Hopi Sinom, and to your own ability to use your talents to help humanity. Toward this end, I now respectfully demand that you answer the second of the two questions I present to you in this letter: With no strategy to achieve a Perfect Victory without a battle, and every indication that a useless and futile battle would occur in the form of your arrest due to your provocation and negligence, why did you return to Titus' farm? That is, why did you not wait until we had arranged for these "wrongdoers" to be fully informed in the manner of the sacred instructions in the Hopi Message of Peace?

I require your immediate response to the e-mail address which I include in this letter. Failing that response within the next ten days, I shall continue to inform all people who come to my attention, who have been misled by your false portrayal of yourself as an emissary of the Hopis. I would prefer not to have that obligation, but you have set back the Hopi effort tremendously by spoiling the attempt to fullfil Titus' will, and turning the farm into a breeding ground for police lawlessness. Now you show yourself on the Internet, posing as a messenger appointed in some fashion by the Hopis, defrauding and endangering everyone.

If you do not sufficiently answer the two questions I have placed before you here, or account for your inability to answer, I will make this letter available to everyone you attempt to influence in the name of Hopi, so that they may retain their freedom to make a truly informed choice to help the Hopis, to heal Africa, and to heal all continents besieged by the industrial plunderers whose fruits all people in the modern world unfortunately share. Even with no effort to inform them, you would eventually be discredited as the true Hopi Message of Peace is presented and discussed by those who do not think they need to be adopted by a Hopi elder to speak the truth with credibility. I will make an exception in the event that you voluntarily remove all public and private references to yourself that cause people to regard you as an appointed emissary of the Hopis. Such an action would accord with the advice I heard Titus give you many times: "Stand on your feet and talk like a man!"

Therefore, I await your answer to these questions, which I now summarize:

1. What are the five points of the Hopi Message of Peace?
2. Why did you return to Titus' farm with no Supreme Strategy?

Send your response immediately via e-mail to me, Thomas Francis, at If I do not receive your response by July 16, 2000, this letter will stand as your confession by silence that everything I have said in it is true. This is your good faith chance to correct any error you may claim to find in this letter.

I add for your consideration the following observations: We cannot heal this world without the power of prayer, and we cannot pray effectively if we hide from the Creator by pretense or concealment. Also, I learn that an early confidant of Dan Kotshongva, the son of Yukiwma, gave you Dan's weaving stick. This does not give you authority or power you do not already have. It gives you added responsibility not to betray your trust. You toy with forces greater than you imagine, or you would not have slipped this far. The cost of betrayal is high. The truth cannot be conquered.

Become unconquerable in the truth, so you do not need to pretend Hopi authorization as a crutch. With your newfound strength, you will have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Having introduced you to the Hopi knowledge, I am pleased that you have taken such a strong interest, as shown by your use of my lecture title as the title of your book about the "Mystery Egg." You are quite welcome to use it. But be careful! If you get it scrambled, it may land on your face!