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Disclaimer: The Sentinel and its characters are the sole property of Paramount and Pet Fly Productions.  I am making no money off this.  I write solely for the pleasure it brings.  It's not my fault the Muses love these guys.
Stand-Alone Stories:
"Mud Pies"-Jim and Blair are caught in a mudslide.  H/C, some smarm.  PG. 7-17-99
"Into the Drink"-Jim, Blair, some raw chicken...that's all I'm saying.  G.  (15K)  9-01-99
"Curtain Call"-Blair's been hiding something from Jim.  PG.  Humor.  (28K) 10-21-99
"Family Ties"-My ep for Black Panther Production's Virtual Fifth Season.  When a runaway witnesses a murder, it's up to Jim and Blair to find him before the killer does.
"Perspective"-The boys observe an anniversary. PG. (15K)  12-03-99
"Silent Night...Yeah, right"-Response to 1999 Cascade Times Christmas Challenge. G.
"Believe"-Jim learns to trust in Blair.  Co-written with Melissa Hollern. G
"If These Walls Could Talk at Christmas"-A series of vignettes for Christmases yet to come. Companion piece to "You Are Protected." PG
"In the Blink of an Eye"-The search for the dealer of a new designer drug becomes personal for the detectives of Major Crime.  Episode of Black Panther Productions Virtual 6th Season.  Airdate 1-15-01
"Backwater"-Just a typical day in Louisiana.  Except for the gun fights, helicopters, snakes, and a mysterious young woman named Merry.  Episode of BPP Virtual 6th Season.
"If These Walls Could Talk on Mother's Day"-Jim observes Mother's Day twice, ten years apart.  5-09-01.
"Merry"--Sequel to "Backwater."  On vacation in Backstone, Jim and Blair are embroiled in a 25 year-old murder case.  Episode of the BPP Virtual 7th Season.
"Like Puppets on a String"--Jim and Blair face an adversary as intelligent as he is insane, placing themselves and everyone they care about in harm's way. Previously published as a novel-zine by Agent With Style, April 2001.  PG-13.
The Sentinel/US Marshals
Instructions for Life:
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"Daedelus" Series
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Chapter 12: Monsters We Defy
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