Complex Adaptive Systems in Finance and Strategy

� Mark White, PhD

Applying complex adaptive systems theory helps businesses and economies grow faster.

My work applies complex adaptive systems theory to strategy and finance. The results include a number of unique concepts that help create high-growth Adaptive Organizations and finance their continuing growth and diffusion.

Original results include:

My various publications and working papers provide details and describe applications. Look for occasional major additions.

White's Three Organization Types:

Evolving from Static or Dynamic to Adaptive

Static Organizations
Fixed practices, fixed size. Like static equations, these organizations have no variables -- time doesn't change them significantly. They persist until some new organization occupies their niche.
Dynamic Organizations
Fixed practices, variable size. Like dynamic equations, these organizations vary in size over time, even though their underlying practices don't change much. They go through a single life cycle, each growing rapidly as it occupies its niche, then declining as its competitors implement better practices that steal away its clients.
Adaptive Organizations
Variable practices, variable size. Like complex adaptive systems, these organizations vary their practices, seeking the constant improvement that launches life cycle after life cycle, creating new products, services, and processes that hold on to clients generation after generation.

Adaptive organizations will soon motivate employees to climb adaptation curves by using ISOPs to fairly share the wealth that each innovation creates. ISOPs ensure that the innovator, the predecessors, and each shareholder in the corporation benefits.

Adaptive organizations will displace dynamic and static organizations in economic competition, so that within a generation, most people will have learned to expect continual improvement in their life experience. The fact that their ancestors once worked at the same job in the same way for an entire lifetime will seem almost as incredible as the fact that people used to stay at jobs they didn't thoroughly enjoy.

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CAS Theory Applied

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