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The Five Archive

A fan fiction archive for the Fifth Doctor from the "Doctor Who" television series. Submit stories here! They will be posted as soon as possible.

Site updated on March 10 with five new stories!

All That Jazz
by Mark Simpson
Rated G
While in 1944 for a Glenn Miller concert, the Doctor and Peri find a fallen satellite.

Anima outside link
by Anne Ellis
Pairing: Fifth Doctor/Tegan
Rated NC-17
The Doctor helps Tegan with a psychic splinter.

Before Breakfast
by Colin Thornby
Rated PG-13
Adric feels isolated. Benediction
by Snakeskull
rated G
First Doctor/Fifth Doctor drabble

Best of Enemies outside link
by Anne Ellis
Pairing: Turlough/Tegan
Rated NC-17
Do Tegan and Turlough ever do anything but argue? Yes, sometimes.

Care for a Walk?
by Bimo
Rated G
Traveling with the Doctor isn't always easy...

by Versaphile
Rated G
A reason behind one of the Doctor's choices.

Collar and Leash
by Janie M.
Rated PG
It's a little double drabble. The Doctor was out shopping. Nyssa misunderstands.

Dance of the Moonflies
by The Rani
Rated PG
The Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough on a new planet.

Danger on Gallifrey
by Enola Jones
Pairing: Five/Sarah
Rated PG
Why has the Doctor suddenly gone blind?

Dark Decision
by Peri88
Rated G
Vignette where the Doctor thinks about why Peri came with him and whether she should stay.

The Doctor's Kind of Town
by Alan Smithee
Rated PG
The Doctor and Peri encounter a threat in Chicago.

Don't Hold Back
by B.K. Willis
Rated PG-13
The Doctor has a guilt-free rant at Tegan.

Endings and Beginnings
Author: FallenAngel2210
Rated K
Short, soppy little fic about Tegan's reaction to the fifth Doctor's regeneration.

Fire and Ice
by Sarah MC
Rated R
Opposites Attract. Written for the Challenge100 challenge, "write about extreme temperature." Tegan/Turlough

The Forever War
by Ron Mallett
Rated PG
Story set between Planet of Fire & The Caves of Androzani.

Gained in Translation
by B.K. Willis
Rated G
While the TARDIS translator is broken, the Doctor and Tegan get a rare musical treat.

The Gift of the Garm
by Clive May
Rated PG
The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough pay their respects to Nyssa.

Handful of Dust outside link
by Anne Ellis
Rated NC-17
Pairing: Fifth Doctor/Eighth Doctor

The Haunting
by Mark Simpson
Rated T
A new room in the Tardis; old ghosts within. And all the time, eyes watching.

Hero of the Day
by Kevin Litten
Rated PG
UNIT summons the Doctor back to Earth.

Kerillo Ball
by Alden Bates
Rated NC-17
On a wartorn planet, Tegan is rescued by a strangely randy Doctor.

Kick Inside
by Keith Topping
Rated G
A surprise for Tegan.

Lab Rats
by The Rani
Rated PG-13
The Doctor and Tegan are captured by aliens who want them to mate.

The Legacy of Sutekh
by Mark Simpson
Rated PG
The Doctor, Tegan, Kamelion, and Turlough investigate a disturbance on Mars.

The Legacy of Traken
by SparksJSH
Rated G
A much needed late night talk after the events of Castrovalva

by Annie B.
Rated G
Pairing: Fifth Doctor/Peri
Drabble. What Peri needs and what she gets might not be the same thing.

Life Study outside link
by Anne Ellis
Rated G
Tegan sketches the Doctor in the rain room.

Look to the Stars
by XXX
Rated G
A drabble. After going home, Tegan has regrets.

The Maggot Brood
by Clive May
Rated PG-13
The Worm Kind's egg must be planted, and the Master has one of the Doctor's companions in mind as the host.

A Mind For Murder
By Kellie
Rating: 12+.
Doctor Who/Pulaski crossover. The Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan interrupt a film crew at Corby Stone Circle, and find that someone is working to a potentially lethal script of their own.

Mind Web
by Paul Scoones
Rated G
The Doctor and Peri find a web overrunning the TARDIS.

One Simple Thing
by Mireille
Pairing: Fifth Doctor/Turlough
Rated G
All he wanted was one simple thing. Post-ep to "Enlightenment."

Protect and Survive
by Steve Lake
Rated PG
Arriving in the 1950s, the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough find that waves of paranoia have engulfed a sleepy English village

by Darcy
Rated NC-17
Tegan/Nyssa, Turlough/Fifth Doctor, Turlough/Nyssa, Tegan/Fifth Doctor

by Lisa G.
rated G
a vignette with the Fifth Doctor and Tegan, set after Audra McHugh's Life Study.

by jujube
Rated NC-17
First in a series. The Doctor and Tegan get it on. PWP.

Second Chances
by Alan Taylor
Rated PG
At the 5th Doctor's suggestion, Tegan and Turlough go out for a meal.

by Snakeskull
rated G
Fifth Doctor/Tegan/Turlough double drabble

Six-Five Special
by castrovalva9
Rated PG-13
Five and Six meet for the first time, and the obvious occurs. Five/Six slash.

Slave Trading
by Alden Bates
Rated NC-17
After 'Kerillo Ball', the Doctor and Tegan attempt to rescue Turlough, and end up locked in a cell together.

Snow Under Their Feet
by Drew Payne
Rated G
Answering a distress beacon takes The Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan to uninhabited, snow-covered planet. In the snow Tegan finds more then she expected.

Spring Cleaning
by Vicky Jewett
Rated G
The Doctor discovers how the TARDIS keeps itself so tidy.

by Misha
Rated G
Double drabble. The Doctor comes so close to success.

by AC Chapin
Rated NC-17
Pairing: Five/Ace
The 7th Doctor gets the 5th Doctor to take care of Ace.

Trying the Patience of Destiny
by Clive May
Pairing: Doctor/Tegan
Rated U
Tegan goes to the Doctor.

by brandynigma
Rated G
Featuring the Fifth Doctor and Turlough after Tegan's departure.

Whom Gods Deploy
by Guy Moon
Rated G
The Doctor and Tegan stare out across a deserted world. But the Doctor has been here before, and then, there was a civilisation thriving

by WhiteDalek
Rated PG
The TARDIS crew enjoy a little off-time.

Wrong Planet
by Munnin
Pairing(s): The Doctor (five) / Adric mostly
Rated Rish
Let's just say it's not the best spot for a picnic. 1