GOKU: This young Saiyan got a job at DBZ very early, but, as mentioned in the Plot Holes section, he didn’t start off as the star of Dragonball. He used to be the young, slightly plump star of Pampers Nappies commercials. He made a fair bit of money in doing this, but became to old to still be able to act the roll with the full panache needed. He applied for the job at the DB audition offices, and was granted it. They used computer wizardry to create the baby Goku scenes, by using takes from the nappy commercials, and drafting in different backgrounds.

GOHAN: Notice how there was a huge gap in between Dragonball and Dragonball Z? Isn’t it funny how in that short time, Goku had a son, and he grew up without anyone knowing. Now of course, Gohan was new to Dragonball Z, he wasn’t in it since he was a baby that would be preposterous! He was drafted in when they had a good idea for a new character, so they made up a storyline to make him fit in. Anyway, before he worked in DBZ, he was a shoe polisher. He worked with his real father in cleaning everyone’s shoes. He used to add the spit shine after his father quickly scrubbed. He was discovered when he beat the stuffing out of a non-paying customer, forcing them to give him all the money. Noticing his fighting talent, he was granted a contract, leaving his father, and hitting the big time in the show business.

PICCOLO: this guy didn’t come into the whole thing until about half way through the Dragonball series, when Goku killed his Dad. Piccolo was used because his supposed father had quit previously, and they needed someone to star, and to maintain his role. Piccolo was given the memories of his father, and hatred of Goku that most bad guys possess. Before he was the hardcore bad guy though, he was a lowly circus freak, picked on because of his unruly green skin colour. People used to point at him and laugh, make run and throw stuff at him. This angered him, but he was too upset to retaliate, because of his sensitive side. The casters of DBZ saw Piccolo, and realized how much he looked like the current DBZ villain, so snapped him up, but not before taunting him for a while.

VEGETA: This guy wasn’t in DBZ until he had reached his adulthood. The reason is because he was advertising sausages for a German company. He used to sit on the end of a pier, and sing humiliating song lyrics, whilst eating a small sausage on a stick, with a bright red face. Every day after filming he used to attack the camera crew for mocking him, and because he was one of the very few people in the world who knew how to use KI, he could easily defeat them. This was captured on film during one assault, and the DBZ directors immediately went to visit Vegeta to negotiate a contract. He made out that he was a big shot on the advertising front, and deserved a high salary. They told him they’d give him a high basic salary, plus he could beat up the other cast members, and steal money from them. He immediately accepted the offer, and had a background thought up for him, played by a young actor. He then started his journey to Earth, and you know the rest.

KRILLEN: Remember the reference made to him deciding that the profession of a shoe salesman would have been more elaborate for him? Well that was a mock-up, to make fun of the bald midget. The directors were laughing insanely when they made Krillen say this, humiliating himself in front of the rest of the cast. The reason for this is because the midget was a former shoes salesman himself. He used to make all varieties of them, including clogs, pure leather ones, and some funky trainers. Unfortunately, he had decided to start it up on Roshi’s island, so no one ever came in, meaning he was forced to close it down. This saddened him, until Roshi put in a good word on the Dragonball front, as he knew the producers personally. This meant that Krillen got a job. The biggest reason that his shoe industry closed down was because he was only a kid, and knew nothing of business traits.
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