Saturday, May 22, 2004 Entertainment E19

Spring Fling and Concert for Big Ed

BALTIMORE, MD - On May 2, the Baltimore Raven held a Spring Fling Festival at M&T Bank Stadium. At it, the entire football field was set up for people to try games that were similar to football drills. At a certain part, the newest additions to the Ravens team were announced, and some of the returning members gave speeches and later signed autographs. After that, the band played a concert. The music seemed to be enjoyed by the participants of the Spring Fling.

Big Ed's Band FoundationBALTIMORE, MD - On May 22, the Marching Ravens participated in a concert for an event that supported Big Ed's Band Foundation. As his project, an Eagle Scout did an instrument drive and donated the instruments to Edwin Mulitalo's charity that provides band instruments for Baltimore city schools.
   While waiting for the concert to start, Wendy got her first view of locusts, which were a phenomenon in Maryland that summer. Although the concert was held in a parking lot in the blazing heat, Wendy kept well hydrated and enjoyed herself.

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