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My Three Cats

My Three Cats
Our three cats, looking out the screen door. From left to right: Nutmeg, Oregano, Pepper. See how we came to have our cats on page C2.

Cats found in windows

HOMEFRONT - To the delight of the cats, the weather has been warm enough to open up the house. This means open windows and doors that the cats can bask in. One thing they seem to enjoy a lot, are the chirping birds that can be heard outside.

Nutmeg seen playing ball by herself

HOMEFRONT - It was recently reported that Nutmeg has learned how to entertain herself with her ball. Tom had been throwing the ball, which Nutmeg retrieves, but he went to do something else. Nutmeg then took the opportunity to play with it by herself.
Nutmeg placed the ball on one of the steps leading down to the basement. She then situated herself on the next lowest step, half laying, and reaching up to the next step with a front paw to pull the ball off of the step, onto the one she was on. She would them quickly catch the ball in her mouth and place it on the upper step, ready to play again.
She is constantly amazing Tom and Wendy with her inventive ways and perseverance in playing ball.
Learn more about Nutmeg on page C5.

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