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Roy Taylor departs to WBAL(8/14)
Sky Eye Chopper Pilot, Roy Taylor is [according to dcrtv.com] is going to WBAL's NewsChopper 11. WJZ is in talks with the fired WBAL Chopper pilot, and the fired pilot may take the place of Roy Taylor. Both Stations debuted their choppers in the late 90s, and are still used today.  
[ EWN FANSITE INFO LINK : www.dcrtv.com ]

Brenda Carl gone! (8/14)
DCRTV reports that Brenda Carl bolted from WJZ's Morning Edition to WBAL Radio. Brenda is now at WBAL and she was replaced with a new reporter. Brenda as you may recall, was one of the People Are talking Live Reporters.
[ EWN FANSITE INFO LINK : www.dcrtv.com ]

John Buren Seen In Real Estate Ad (8/4)
According to DCRTV.com, Former Sports Anchor John Buren Was Spotted in an Ad for Long and Foster. In the Ad, Buren is introduced as a new Real Estate Agent. Buren As you may recall, was WJZ's top Sports Anchor, but was let go after 16 years at the station last year.
[ EWN FANSITE INFO LINK : www.dcrtv.com ]

Christa Delcamp to Boston (8/4)
DCRTV.com  reports that Eyewitness News Weekend Anchor and Reporter, Christa Delcamp is leaving WJZ and going to WHDH in Boston. Christa anchors the Weekend show with Meterologist Tim Willams. 
[ EWN FANSITE INFO LINK : www.dcrtv.com ]

Sharon Lee Promoted (8/4)
DCRTV.com reports that Sharon Lee will take the place of Departing Christa Delcamp on Eyewitness News Morning Edition. Lee joined Eyewitness News back in 2000 and has been a Reporter Ever since. 
[ EWN FANSITE INFO LINK : www.dcrtv.com ]

CBS Early Show hires Former FOX Personality (7/30)
The CBS Early Show, seen on WJZ from 8:00-9:00am M-F, finally has a weather anchor. Dave Price, formerly from FOX 5 has joined the 4 person crew. Price was also seen on FOX's sydincated show Good Day Live. Price will also be on New York's CBS 2 News also. 

Breaking News: Buddy Deane Passes Away (7/16) 12:00PM
Buddy Deane, who hosted the 'Buddy Deane Show,' [aired on WJZ during the 1950s and 1960s] has passed away. This morning Deane Died. As the Eyewitness News Fansite reported days ago, Buddy Deane was hospitalized. Deane was 79. Keep it here at the Fansite as we bring you the latest on this story and Eyewitness News will also bring you the latest. 
[the eyewitness news fansite sends condolences to the family of Mr. Deane, and the fans of the show]
[EWN FANSITE INFO LINK: www.wjz.com ]

Buddy Deane Hospitalized (7/13)
Buddy Deane, who hosted the 'Buddy Deane Show,' [aired on WJZ during the 1950s and 1960s] had a headache most of the day Last Sunday. Deane drove himself to the hospital. There, doctors determined Deane had suffered a stroke. Deane remains in intensive care, but he is recovering and his doctors say the he is progressing well. Deane is 79 and lives in Arkansas, as a radio personality.....
[ EWN FANSITE INFO LINK : www.wjz.com ]

Comcast vs. Laurel Md. (7/13)
The city of Laurel is trying to convince Comcast Communications to budge on its removal of Baltimore stations from its cable TV lineup in Prince George's County. Comcast Back in April Removed the Baltimore Channels after declaring the channels as "duplicate programming" Laurel City Council members said they were ready to go to court to seek satisfaction from Comcast on the Baltimore channels." Laurel, on the northern edge of PG County. The Baltimore Stations affected were WMAR [2 ABC], WBAL [11 NBC] and WJZ [13 CBS]
[EWN Fansite Infolink: Laurel Leader]

Wintrop Baker(7/13)
The Sun remembers Winthrop Baker, a Channel 13/WJZ executive who was created the station's long dominance of Baltimore TV news. Mr. Baker died in June at age 72.....

New Open for WJZ (6/12)
Watching WJZ at noon today, you may have seen a new open, well, not really that new, just the begining showing shots of Sky Eye Chopper 13 in red. This is WJZ's 3rd or so open change. 

First Warning Weather New Graphics (5/15)
WJZ's First Warning Weather finally has new graphics that match the Lower thirds. The fonts are slightly smaller before and the box "CBS 13" logo is up there also. 

Kellye Lynn Is back(5/15)
Kellye Lynn is finally back from Materity leave, as you may remember, Kellye gave birth back in January. Kellye Anchors WJZ Eyewitness News at Noon, and does Healthwatch reports for Eyewitness News Morning Edition, at 4,5,and 6. 

Bob Turk Celebrates 30 years (4/24)
WJZ main Weather Guy, Bob Turk Celebrates Thirty Years today. Bob Turk Joined Eyewitness News (probably wasnt eyewitness news yet) in April of 1973. Of the Main anchor teams, Bob has been their the longest. In order, its Marty, Don, Denise, Sally, Kai, Vic, Kelly, and Mark.

Whoa...thats not the WJZ.com I remember (4/24)
Whoa! If you go to www.wjz.com you'll notice....their a little different. Wow...its rounded, and Denise,Vic, Sally and Kai are at the top of the page, not on top  of the headlines. There are also Video Feeds! :) You'll also notice, its more red and yellow. Many of the O&O sites are getting like this, CBS 2, and other CBS O&O's around the country.

Long Time WJZ Reporter Dies (3/6)
Former Reporter and Anchor, George Baumann died this Monday, at age 74. As you may recall Baumann worked on radio, and he joined WJZ in 1960. There, he focused on politics, and he met every president since Harry Truman, every Baltimore Mayor, and every Maryland Governor. Baumann retired at age 69 in 1998. The cause of death was from a heart attack. 
The EyewitnessNewsFansite sends prayers and condolences to the Baumann Family. 
If you would like to send personal condolences or prayers, you can email them by Clicking Here.

Eyewitness News Tops Ratings (3/6)
WJZ, in the February Sweeps, beat the compition. According to the Baltimore Sun WJZ Eyewitness News at all times was #1. The biggest win was at four, with Eyewitness News at 4. Eyewitness News at Four beat WBAL's oprah, and the lead is quite comfortable. That lead to WJZ Eyewitness News at Five and six being Number one also. Unfortunaly, the Sun doesnt give the actual numbers.

Blizzard of '03 (2/21)
WJZ had non stop coverage of the blizzard of 2003. On Sunday WJZ had most of its talent hosting an all day weekend Snow Show. From 7am-12pm, morning regulars, Christa Delcamp and Tim Willams anchored. Then from 12-3 was Katie Lehan and Sally Thorner, then from 3-5 was Sally Thorner and Don Scott,then Katie Lehan and Don Scott from 5-7 both of them anchored WJZ Eyewitness News at six. On Monday, WJZ had the Snow Show as usual with regulars Don Scott and Marty Bass. WJZ did a good job covering the Blizzard. The WJZ Breakfast bar was on the screen on almost every newscast. WJZ also had Live reporters on the scene on all newscasts. First Warning Weather wise, on Sunday Chief Meterologist Bob Turk and Brooks Thomlin led First Warning Weather Team Coverage, and actually Brooks also led team coverage on the snow show with Marty Bass. 

Kellye Lynn Update(1/7)
Kellye Lynn, from WJZ Eyewitness News at Noon, and WJZ's Healthwatch, had her baby on Sunday, [January 5th]. Kellye, as you may recall went on maternity leave a few weeks ago. Were happy to report that both the baby and the mother are doing fine, and Kellye is expected to return to Eyewitness News by the Spring.

[Good luck Kellye! We Miss you!]

News Update(12/13)
Michael Olesker, the Sun Commentator on WJZ for 19 years is leaving. As you may recall the sun also teams up with ABC 2, so that could be the reason. Also WJZ did very well in this sweeps period. WJZ Leads at Four, Five, and Six. Good Job! 

New Look(11/26)
WJZ has finally changed! Their logo, has been replaced with a new KYW-like logo. The graphics changed also, most notably the lowerthirds. heres a sample http://www.oocities.com/wjz13fan/wjzL3.jpg  

Manic Monday Meltdown(11/20)
The WJZ Morning Editon's weekly Manic Monday continues This Monday with the annual MAMMOTH MANIC MONDAY MELTDOWN! In case you want to see it, it is this Monday, 11/25, at 6am, at Jimmys in Fells Point. 

The Early Show gets Makeover(10/29)
The CBS Early Show (8:00-9:00am,M-F, on WJZ) got a makeover! New people, and new graphics! The ugly quarter logo of a cbs eye is gone, and everything has a eurostile font. The new anchors are Hannah Storm, Julie Chen, Rene Syler, and Harry Smith.

Marty Bass Celebrates 25 years! (10/17)
On October 17th, 1977, Baltimore Tv Audiences met Marty Bass, on Channel 13, while he was weather anchoring morning edition with the now famous Oprah Winfrey. Now after 25 years, Marty is still on Eyewitness News Morning Edition, and is still a weather "guy" at the Keen 13. And For his 25 years of Dedication, the WJZ Eyewitness News Fansite would like to send congradulations, and [if it was real] give him the award for being the best morning weatherman in Baltimore. Good Luck Marty, and stay at keen 13 for 25 more years!

WJZ Ratings are UP!(10/16)
We have just recieved an anoymous tip about Eyewitness News, Which are the RATINGS. Big surprises, for the week of October 7th to October 11th. Lets See the Results
WJZ Eyewitness News at 4 [5.6/14]
WBAL's Oprah [5.1/13]
WMAR's Pyramid/Millionaire [N/A]

WJZ Eyewitness News at 5 [8.5/18]
WBAL 11 News at 5[7.3/16]
ABC 2 News 5:00/5:30 [N/A]

WJZ Eyewitness News at 6 [9.9/18]
WBAL 11 News at 6/ NBC Nightly News [7.3/14]
ABC 2 News at 6/ ABC World News Tonight [N/A]

The ratings are in fact right! WJZ is beating the other stations in the ratings! Good Work!  

WJZ Eyewitness News at 4(9/26)
WJZ Eyewitness News at four began this Monday, (9/23). Nothing is that different about the Show, its just an extention of the 5 and 6'o'clock newscasts. Sally Thorner and Kai Jackson Anchor Eyewitness News at 4, Denise Koch and Vic Carter anchor Eyewitness News at 4:30. Bob Turk is still the Meterologist, and Mark Viviano is still the Sportscaster. 

Re-witness News No More(9/26)
The Morning Edition Segment, Re-witness News has been eliminated. On Sept 11th, Morning Edition skipped the segment, for People are talking LIVE! So now, People are Talking LIVE will take the place of Re-witness News.

WJZ Eyewitness News at 4(9/13)
Its official, WJZ Eyewitness News at 4 premires on Monday, September 2nd, No information on the talent! 

Kellye Lynn's Surprise!(9/06)
Kellye Lynn has a surprise, a baby boy! Kellye is 5 months pregnant with a baby boy. The EWN Fansite wish Kellye the best, and we hope she'll send us a picture :)

Wayne Brady Show on WJZ starting Sept. 2nd(8/27)
The Wayne Brady Show, will premiere Tusday September 2nd on WJZ at 9 am. Now, this will replace Rosie/Caroline Rhea Show, No word if its staying on wjz or not. 

Closing The Gap(8/9)
WJZ is closing the gap with WBAL. After this latest News wars, Was top in the morning, noon, and primetime. Although WBAL still did well at 5/6/and 11, WJZ is slowly creeping to 1st place. 

Gelfman Report(7/29)

On 7/25 the latest update is that he has suffered a damaged leg, and he has went through surgery.
WJZ's Dick Gelfman has been injured in a car accident in Howard County. According to reports now, Gelfman is still in critical condition, and his wife is in fair condition. We hope the best to Mr. Gelfman and his family. Dick Gelfman is wjz's consumer reporter, better known for his get gelfman reports. 

WJZ Eyewitness News at 4
Finally, after years of predicting, the wjz fansite has got it right! WJZ Eyewitness News at 4 is coming this fall in place of the Weakest Link. We still are unsure of the talent but we will know soon. 

New Voice Overs
WJZ now has new voice overs, with Pat Garett, the guy from WLIF and WTOP. Could this be yet ANOTHER sign of change at the keen 13?stay tuned....

Good Bye Dr. Bob and YaKenda! 
Well after years, Dr. Bob Sopka, a.k.a. Dr. Bob retires from WJZ. His replacement is Brooks Thomlin. Unfortunaly, there is no information on this guy. Also Yakenda McGhee is leaving Keen 13 and is going south on 95 to Washington DC's Fox Affilate, WTTG channel 5. 



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