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There are many instructions available on this page to help you understand the note busienss from start to finish.  The main marketing techniques are listed above and will give you access to the details that will allow you to make a difference by using my techniques. 
I hope you will find this information helpful in your attempts to make a better life.  Remember that there is not quick and easy way to get rich but it is possible to get there after some good hard work. 
Follow these instructions and you will find the answers and the insights you need.
Note grading Marketing- Simultaneous closings
Brochures and such
Simultaneous part #2
Phone script examples
Mobile home notes
Interview- part 1
Interview- part 2
Bad notes to good
Interview- part 3
Free Cars & Houses
Interview- part 4
Example of partial
Commercial and land ?s
Note holder Leads
Calculator help
The Right Attitude
Interview Worksheet Other Resources
Computer Help 101
Toll Free Number Details
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