Woodmont Civic Association

A Neighborhood Association Located in Arlington, Virginia


Woodmont Information:




Constitution and Bylaws

Map of Woodmont Association

Census Data for Woodmont

History of Woodmont



E-mail:         Woodmont Civic Association


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Ongoing Woodmont Issues:

Traffic Calming on 24th St. N.

Group Homes



Older Woodmont Information:


Arlington County Emergency Preparedness


Woodmont votes “No” on new Spout Run/Doubleday Bridge.



Links of Interest:

Arlington County

Arlington County Public Library

Arlington County Civic Federation












NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, October 15, 2009, 7:30 p.m.

at the Woodmont Center, 2422 N Fillmore St. (lower level)


The October quarterly newsletter is available.  It contains the agenda for the October 15 meeting.


Meeting notes (draft) for the July 2009 meeting are available.  New officers for 2009-2010 were elected.  The position of secretary is open and volunteers are welcome.


Join the Woodmont Civic Association for this calendar year – Dues are $10.00




Real Estate:  Reserve at Lorcom Lane; Early Years Preschool