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Josephine and friends on one of our lower hills.
At "The Wooly Woods",
we have both dairy and fiber goats
to sell and provide us with milk
and with fiber for spinning.

Most of our goats are crossbred goats.

We do, however, have purebred, pedigreed
Cashmere goats
that can be traced back to the original stock
imported from Australia.

Our other fiber goats are
Cashmere/Angora crosses.

Most of our dairy goats are LaMancha crosses
or Saanen crosses.
My favorite breed is the LaMancha.
We also have one Toggenberg doe whose temperment I like, also.
When it comes to the milk, however,
my favorite is from the Saanens.

We belong to a Goat Net Ring
and if you want to find out more about goats,
just click on the link below.

Goats for Fun and Profit