The Wooly Woods
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About Us
Welcome to
"The Wooly Woods"
West Virginia.
Home of "Mountain Hare Rabbitry",
Wanda V. Bartholow, "Handspinner",
and Ralph W. Bartholow, "Handyman",
Where the "Barter System" is alive and well.
As you can see, we also raise goats, both dairy and fiber.
"Before and After" pages coming soon!
You'll be able to see the "kids"
after they are grown.
I also have pictures at
that can be downloaded as wallpaper or screensavers
This is Philbert and Sally Starr.
I thought this was just soooo cute!
The whole picture can be see at
Buttons is a 3/4 Cashmere wether.
These twin purebred Cashmeres
are our newest additons.
Moira is one of this year's dairy doelings.
This Goats for Fun and Profit Net Ring
is owned by  "The Wooly Woods"
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