Since 1993, several authors have distinguished themselves in X-Files fan fiction, making us laugh, cry, shiver and squirm. Working Stiffs is delighted to sit down with your favorite authors to discuss their writing process, from story idea to posting and marketing, as well as the importance of feedback, the evolution of the fanfic community, and controversial issues that they've faced in their writing careers.

No cookie cutter questions are allowed at Working Stiffs. Each interview is specific to each author's unique body of work, and we hope that you find the results as fascinating as we do.

Pywacket Complete
Dawson Rambo Complete
Sister Zooey Complete
Dasha K Part One (inspiration, Blinded By White Light, writer's block)
Part Two (The Professional, POV, Scullyslash, smut, babyfic)
Narida Law Part One (smut, romance and UST)
Part Two (Closet Doors, Worth Breaking, The Absence of Memory, characterization)
Part Three (beta readers, titles, marketing)
Sheryl Nantus Part One (shippers vs. noromos, writing in canon, Jackie St.George)
Part Two (ATXC etiquette, beta readers, voice)
Jess M. Part One (writing an original novel, dialogue, rhythm)
Part Two (humor, RST, Masturbation!Mulder)
Leyla Harrison Part One (rapefic, feedback, writing NC-17)
Part Two (erotica vs. romance, cancerfic, craft)

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