World of Dreams is a roleplaying guild set in the world of the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan using slightly modified AD&D 3rd Edition rules. For visual (and sometimes audio) support we use an application called Furcadia, a free, fully graphical, Massively Multi-player Online Social Game (MMOSG), which has its own online dice system. So, how can you join in on the fun, you ask? Well for starters, you can check out our Guild Charter for more information pertaining to the guild. If you are still interested, the next step would be to get yourself a copy of Furcadia (free download) and familiarize yourself with the application. If you are STILL interested, pay us a visit at our Guild Location and we'll be glad to guide you through Character Creation. There are a wide range of character classes, races, and skills to chose from so creating a unique character is easier than ever, especially with our new Java-based Character Creation page. Welcome to World of Dreams and may the Dark One's own Luck be with you through your exhilarating experience amongst us.