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 Gender: Male     Female
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Relationship to Friends
 Do you become close to friends, or hold most people at a safe distance?
I have an abundance of close friends
I have some close friends
I have few close friends
I try to keep people at a distance
 Do you insist on repayment when lending money to friends?
No, they just owe me a favor
No, although itís sure nice to be repaid
Yes, but I try to be flexible about the exact terms
Yes, and I write up a contract so thereís no misunderstanding
 Have you ever betrayed a friend?
Iíd never contemplate such a thing
Iíve been tempted to do so, but Iíve never gone through with it
Iíve done so once
Iíve done so more than once, and I sometimes get away with it
Relationship to Community
 Do you respect the laws and authorities in the community?
Yes, without question
Yes, theyíre generally the best way to govern
When it suits me - there are some laws I just donít agree with
I donít pay attention to the authorities; theyíve got no hold on me
 If you were injured and required immediate assistance, would members of your home community agree to help?
Yes, because they know Iíd do the same for them
Yes, because Iím generally well liked
Probably not, because Iím distrusted by the powers that be
Definitely not. Iíve made some enemies here
 Your community is threatened with invasion. Do you:
Help defend it to your last breath
Man the barricades with the rest of the community
Flee as soon as things look grim
Cut a deal with the invaders to act as a spy
Thoughts on Crime and Punishment
 If imprisoned, would you injure or kill others to escape?
No. Those guards are just doing their jobs
No, except for minor wounds that will heal easily
Yes. They knew the risks when they took the job
Yes. Serves íem right for locking me up
 If guilty, would you confess to a crime?
Yes, because it is my duty to do so
Yes, because it might get me a lighter sentence
No, Iíd make the magistrates prove my guilt
No, and Iíd try to "prove" my innocence
 Do you accept a nobleís right to treat badly the serfs who work on his land?
Yes. Theyíre lucky theyíre not slaves
Yes, because sometimes only fear will motivate them
No, nobles should rule as kindly as possible
No one has any "right" to treat another badly. Period
Thoughts on Business and the Economy
 When confronted by beggars, do you:
Give generously
Give moderately
Give only what I wouldnít miss anyway - a copper or two at most
Ignore them as you walk by
 Whatís the best path to wealth?
Itís a matter of luck and being in the right place at the right time
Staying flexible so you can take advantage of good opportunities
Following a long-term plan that incorporates a comfortable level of risk
Hard work and perseverance
 If you accepted a job or contract, would you try to finish the task even if it got much more dangerous?
Yes, my word is my bond
Yes, because itís good to have a reputation for dependability
You can bet Iíd be renegotiating
If itís no longer a good deal, then the deal is off

(A description of your character's past: place of birth, childhood, family, places visited, age, etc.)

(Before passing on to the next secion (Channeler Options or Skills), be sure to have 0 Ability Points remaining. Do not exceed this limit.)

Ability Points: 
 Total 36  = 

 Hit Points

Channeler Section
(Initiates and Wilders only)
(Before passing on to the next section (Skills), be sure to have 0 Weave Points remaining. Do not exceed this limit.)

Weave Points:  [More info]
Heal the Mind
 Cloud Dancing
Foretell Weather
Harness the Wind
False Trail
Sense Shadowspawn
 Earth Singing
Earth Delving
Arms of Air
Blade of Fire
Create Fire

False Wall
Harden Air
Tool of Air
Wand of Fire
Folded Light
Mirror of Mists
Voice of Power
Barrier to Sight
Circle of Silence
Dream Shielding
Ward against        Shadowspawn

Skills [More info]
(Before passing on to the next section (Feats), be sure to have 0 Skill Points (SP) remaining. Do not exceed this limit.)

Skill Rank Bonus Extra Info

 Class skill 1 rank = 1 SP
 Cross-class skill 1 rank = 2 SP
 Class cannot learn -

Skill Points: 
Skill Rank Bonus
 Animal Empathy
 Decipher Script
Skill Rank Bonus
 Disable Device
 Escape Artist
 Gather Information
 Handle Animal
Skill Rank Bonus
 Intuit Direction
 Move Silently
 Open Lock
 Pick Pocket
 Read Lips
Skill Rank Bonus
 Sense Motive
 Speak Language
 Use Rope
 Wilderness Lore

Skill Rank Bonus
 Speak Language
Skill Rank Bonus
 Speak Language
Skill Rank Bonus
 Speak Language

(Feats marked with a * require a certain prerequisite(s). If you are missing a certain preriquisite(s), do not pick that feat.)

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Before submitting your character sheet, make sure that no options in red have been selected. Sheets with minor mistakes will be sent back for corrections and sheets containing several mistakes or lacking information will have to be redone. Thank you.