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The New York Yankees is placed in the Eastern Division of the American League. The team is based in Bronx, New York. The team after moving to Manhattan played at the �Hilltop Park� located at 168th Street and Broadway. Due to the venue�s location the club earned the name the �Highlanders.� Griffith became the first manager of the Highlanders. In 1904 and 1910, the Highlanders finished in second place in the American League. The Highlanders after acquiring Arthur Norman Elberfeld as their new manager became the most prosperous team in Major League Baseball (MLB). In 1910, Colonel Jacob Ruppert and Captain Tillinghast L'Hommedieu Huston took possession of the club. Rupert even quoted, "For $450,000 we got an orphan ball club, without a home of its own, without players of outstanding ability, without prestige." The Yankees to improve their line-up acquired the leading players of different teams. Most of the players belonged to Boston Red Sox. Pitcher turned outfielder Babe Ruth was also a part of the process of procurements. His deal is often addressed as the Curse of the Bambino since the Red Sox didn�t win even a single Fall Classic title until 2004 after Ruth�s trade. In 1923, the Yankees moved to Yankee Stadium located at 161st St. and River Avenue in the Bronx. The line-up of 1927 proved to be most influential in the history of baseball since the players were high-spirited and aggressive. From 1949 to 1953 the team won consecutive Fall Classic titles. The Yankees of the 1950s owed much of their success to Stengel's use of platooning and his ability to get the most out of average. George Steinbrenner became the most successful owner of the team due to his ability to always focus at the best. The Yankees powerful line-up features Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui, Gary Sheffield, Kevin Brown, Alex Rodriguez and Javier Vazquez.




The Chicago Cubs came into existence in 1870s as the White Stockings. The club is based in Chicago, Illinois and is located in the Central Division of the National League. The Cubs have represented the same city in the major leagues longer than any other club. The Great Chicago Fire that took place on 8th October 1871 completely devastated the team�s ballpark, jerseys and records. But this setback didn�t deter the club to complete their schedule of playoffs. After their comeback the Cubs were unable to establish themselves once again and failed miserably. Keeping in view their consecutive failures the Cubs acquired the Boston Red Stockings key player, pitcher Al Spalding and first baseman Cap Anson in 1876. Cap Anson proved to be very productive for the club and became the team leader and manager for almost twenty years. He is still remembered for his outstanding playing and managerial skills. In 1876, with the formation of new league to replace the then running National Association, the Cubs also became strategic. Spalding retired in 1878 to take care of his newly started goods firm. In 1882 once again he joined the team, but this time as club�s president. By 1880, the team touched the height of success by leading in the league. The first decade of 20th century brought good luck for the team. The Cubs became one of the ruling team of the pro baseball winning record of 116 games in 1906, 107 games in 1907, 99 games in 1908, and 104 games in 1909 and 1910. In the second decade of the 20th century, the collapse of the Federal League had an enormous impact on the Cubs. At that time Charles Weegham took the hold of the club and also allocated them his newly built Weegham's ballpark, which is today�s Wrigley Field. The Cubs have faced the longest spell of failure by not winning a World Series since 1908 but are among the Top 10 teams, with the highest attendance in the league.




The St. Louis Cardinals were formed as part of the American Association in 1882. They are placed in the Central Division of the National League. They came into existence as the St. Louis Brown Stockings. The Cardinals in their first season made an unbelievable World Series appearance. McGee, a 23-year-old rookie played a key role in marking this achievement. Overnight he became a celebrity. In 1883, the club became known as St. Louis Browns. They joined the NL when American Association collapsed. In 1899 they became the St. Louis Perfectos before officially assuming the name Cardinals in 1900. The dominating period of Cardinals started from 1930s. In 1940s the Cardinals became the unprecedented team of National League. The Cardinals witnessed some of their other victorious seasons after the acquisition of Stan Musial. He played his entire career in the jersey of the Cardinals. In 1947, the Cardinals earned the unpleasant reputation of not willing to play any matches against the Brooklyn Dodgers since the Dodgers had acquired a black player, Jackie Robinson. The Cardinals displayed an average performance in the 70s. New Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog recharged their unexciting performance. His strategic planning featured speed on the base paths, sparkling defense, and irregular roster moves. He assisted the team to win three National League championships and a 1982 World Series title in his term of 11 years. The 1985 World Series was perhaps the most contentious in the history of Cardinals since it baptized �I-70 Series�. In that series the Cardinals competed against the Kansas City. In 1998, Cardinals' first baseman Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs competed against each other to set the record for scoring the most home runs in single season. In 2001, the Cardinals after recording the second-best record in the National League advanced as a �Wild Card� team in the post-season playoffs The team is also nicknamed as �Redbirds.�