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Yogi Vishvketu

Yogi Vishvketu has studied and practiced Hatha and Raja yoga in northern India since childhood, encouraged by his maternal uncle, Dr. Yogiraj Vishvpal Jayant. Inspired to develop his natural abilities, he went on to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Humanities with a specialization in yoga, as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. in Yoga Spiritual Philosophy. In 1992 and 1995, he won the All India Inter-University Yoga Championships.

After graduation, Vishvketu began teaching students from all over the world at Yoga Niketan ashram in the holy city of Rishikesh where he conceived the idea of World Conscious Yoga Family. He moved to Ottawa in 2001 where he continues to evolve through dedicated interaction with his students, and as Head of Teaching and Teacher Training at Upward Dog Yoga Centre. Yogi Vishvketu also offers 200-hour yoga teacher training programs and tours at Kanvashram, an Ayurvedic and Yoga retreat center in the foothills of the Himalayas. This fall, he will be teaching and offering a yoga demonstration at the Toronto Yoga Show and Conference, November 21-23, 2003.

On a recent trip to India, he practiced with 103 year-old Ayurveda master and yogi Baba Hari Nam. He esteems for their teachings in traditional Hatha yoga, the great saints Baba Prem Nath and Guru Yogi Nath of the ancient lineage of Nath. Yogi Vishvketu is certified by the Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers (FOYT), and is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher trainer.

Chétana Panwar

Chétana was introduced to meditation and yoga in 1993. A few years later, upon returning from Asia after a two-year stay, she adopted yoga as an all-encompassing lifestyle, faith and culture: the path of self-realization and service to humanity. Born a mystic to an agnostic intellectual family, she found her true nature in both Jnana and Bhakti yoga: philosophical and intuitive contemplation, and devotional practices. “Yoga is unity in diversity, and allows us to recognize that the apparent duality between mind and heart is illusory”. Chétana enjoys leading kiirtan (chanting) at satsang gatherings, and bring chanting and inspirational messages to her classes.

Alongside her Master's degree in education, she received yoga teacher training at Kanvashram (India), Sivananda ashram, and prenatal teacher training with Monica Voss in Toronto. She has been inspired on the path by wonderful teachers, including her husband, Vishvketu. “As yoga is an experiential art, I feel that I have also gained valuable lessons from my sadhana, as well as from interactions with my students.” Currently, Chétana teaches prenatal and Hatha classes, as well as philosophy, methodology and yogic lifestyle for the teacher training programs, at Upward Dog Yoga Center and for World Conscious Yoga Family.

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