The WoT Reference Guide: Main


"Everything you could ever possibly want to know about The Wheel of Time...
and then some!"

Welcome to what I hope will be a massive compendium of factual information about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time universe drawn directly from the books. This information has been compiled by one person (namely me) over several read-throughs of the WoT.

PLEASE NOTE: There ARE spoilers on this site if you have not read all the books! This was designed to be a compendium of all information from the books published to date.

Because the series is so incredibly extensive (over 10,000 pages as of Crossroads of Twilight!), I wanted to make a reference site where people could go to get straight up information, rather than theories, jokes, quizzes and the like. (Webmistress's note: I LOVE the quizzes and message boards and what not on other WoT sites but I wanted to make a plain one :-B)

Please bear with me as I fill this site with information. I am working on the initial character read through (I'm just starting A Crown of Swords and I have over 1,100 named characters!) and some information will be incomplete or missing all together. I am a graduate student who works/goes to school roughly 90 hours a week so I fit my little obsessive hobby in where I can.

If you think of something reference related that I don't have on the site (and don't have a note saying it's coming) please email me at

A note about the background and graphics. I chose this background because it made me think of the Age Lace woven by the Wheel of Time. The graphics were scanned from the inside front cover of Winter's Heart and slightly modified