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Tuesday, May 21st, 2002
The site is re-opening. I'm sure you will all be elated. I just figured that a few people aren't going to ruin our fun. BUT...fic will only be accepted from WoTR members with a password to the SSS Forum from now on. And I will state again: We are a PRIVATE site, for WoTR Members only. PLEASE do not link to us. If we wanted to be public, we would submit to search engines. Thanks. So everyone, dust off your keyboards and start writing again! Also, it seems that I may have left off a few fanfics when I changed all the graphics on our site. So could y'all please look through and if yours happens to not be here, please email and let me know. If it's not up, it's nothing personal, I'm just batty sometimes.
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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002
Ok, updates:
Get Up
Smoke Part 4
Tide and Time
And again, please look through and tell me if I have missed your fic. I want to get them all up, but I have a ton of files and it would take forever to be able to tell which ones are missing. Thanks guys!
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by Chani
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