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Quick Facts

Time zone 5.30 hours ahead of London (GMT + 5.30)
4.30 hours ahead of Paris
10.30 hours ahead of New York
4.30 hours behind Sydney.
Area 5,214 Sq. kms
Population 14,12,610
State Madhya Pradesh or MP
Country India
People Hindu, Sikh and Muslim
Language Hindi
Telephone Area Code
Locally called STD Code
Postal or Zip Code
Locally called PIN Code
474001 Top

Measurement System
India follows metric system. Speed and distances are in kilometers; goods in kilograms and litres; temperature in Celsius (Centigrade). Those from other systems may refer information given below.

Conversion Table

One Kilometer = 0.621 Mile
One Kilometer/hour = 0.621 Mile/hour
One Meter = 3.281 Feet
1.094 Yard
One Kilogram = 35.274 Ounce
2.205 Pound
One Liter (Liquid) = 1.76 Pint (UK)
2.113 Pint (US)
1.057 Quart (US)
One Square Kilometer = 0.386 Sq. meters
247.104 Acre
1°Celsius = 33.8°Fahrenheit Top

When To Visit
The summers (April to June) are very hot and dusty with temprature varying from 38-45°C (100.4-113°F). July and August are humid. Best season to visit is from October to mid March. Weather is very good during this period. Daytime temperature varies from 10-25°C (50-77°F). If you visit during this period you can also enjoy two big Hindu festivals.

The biggest Hindu festival "Diwali", a festival of lights and crackers is celebrated in October. "Holi" yet another colorful Hindu festival takes place in March. Holi is like "Hobo" of America or "Arsina" of Poland.

Power shutdowns are common in summer. Most restaurants and hotels have their own generators and they normally do not face any problems of the kind.

Electricity has standard 220V outlet. You can use round two prong plugs. But if it is high wattage device, then you must check the amp ratings on the socket. You may find an appropriate adapter on a shop given below:
  • Star Light
    Patankar Bazar, Gwalior
    Ph: 2325617

I would advise that tourists bring a camera cleaning kit to tackle dust. Photography is not permitted at the archeological museum, the airport, military installations and other places where such notices are put up.

Best available photo film is "Kodak Gold 400 ASA Max" with a price tag of Rs. 130. For Development I would suggest following shop:
  • Kodak Express Hot Spot
    39-40, Center Point Complex
    Phool Bagh
    Ph: 2322750
Please be informed that shop given above does not develop refillable Advantrix photo cartridge. Though the shop will agree to develop it but the very purpose of cartridge is defeated since they would remove the cartridge.

Though smoking is officially banned in public places, buses, trains, government offices, cinema halls and schools etc. but in practice this law is rarely implemented.
You are requested to destroy stubs completely because there have been some incidents when people threw ignited stubs which led to fire. Ash Trays are attached to each cabin of the railway coach, please use them.

Driver must be over 21 years of age. You will need to have valid driving license to drive here. Traffic policemen should be shown the license along with valid original passport for identification. Please do not drive if you have consumed alcohol because driving while being drunk is a major offence and may lend you in real trouble. Normally you will not face any problem in driving in this state.

All vehicles in Gwalior use either petrol or diesel. Gasoline is not available here though CNG is popular in Delhi. Filling stations are called "Petrol Pumps". Majority of the petrol pumps in Gwalior provide clean unleaded petrol. Petrol pump near railway station is open 24 HRS a day. Present rate of petrol is about Rs. 32 per liter.

English and Hindi are most commonly spoken. In hotels and restaurants the staff speak English while the tourist guides are also well versed with the language. Gwalior people being friendly will always help tourists in case they do not understand something written or spoken in local language. You may also refer to common word list given on Essential Information Page

Tourist Offices
Regional Office Gwalior

M.P State tourism Development Corporation
Hotel Tansen, Gandhi Road
Gwalior, MP, India.
Tel. 91-751-2340370 / 2342606
Fax: 91-751-2340371
Tourist Information Counter New Delhi

204-205, Kanishka Shopping Plaza
19 Ashoka Road
New Delhi - 110001 India
Tel. 91-11-23366528
Telefax. 91-11-23341187

Night life in Gwalior is virtually non existent. Click here for Television information.
If you wish watch some Indian movie in Gwalior, I recommend following Cinema Hall.

Vasant Talkies
Phone : 2340141

Gwalior is a secular place where people of all faiths live together in harmony. Christians may like to visit Church near Carmel Convent School. Muslims may visit mosque in Hazira or Phoolbagh. Data Bandi Chode Gurudwara would be good for Sikhs as it is on the fort itself. There are several temples for Hindus in Gwalior some of them are : Sanatan Dharma Mandir, Achleswer Temple, Kherapati, Garjaj ke Hanuman ji etc. Top

Government offices and banks remain closed on Sundays.
There are three national holidays.
26th January The Republic Day
15th August The Independence Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti

Disabled Visitors
I would personally suggest that single disabled people may avoid visiting Gwalior because no special facilities are available, at most of the public places. Wheelchair is available only at railway station, bus stand, air port and hospitals. I feel really sorry but I need to be honest.

NGO (Non government organisations)
I have been receiving quite a few queries about NGOs operating in and around Gwalior. Hence, I am providing a list of all the government recognised NGOs here.

Apart from this list, a good place for doing social work is Rama Krishna Mission. Its ashram known as RAM KRISHNA ASHRAM is in Thatipur, Morar, Gwalior. It also runs an orphanage for underprivileged children. The phone number for the ashram is 91-751-2341091.

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