ok This is what is to become my main index page of my website, this is a listing of all or almost all files I will have on my page. if you want to see the old index page, just click the link called Home Site, and it will take ye there.

ps there are mucho much mistakes in this site, typos, misprints, maybe even a few screwed up links just email me to let me know what they are(even the lil ones) and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. Thanx.

alright due to some things coming up here is my privacy,etc. statement: THESES ARE MY WORKS!! ANYTHING WROTE BY ME IS HEREBY CLAIMED UNDER COPYRIGHT! this means that these is a legitimate published form in which it therefore being a published format the copyright has herein by been taken by the auther, herein known as me. Also Noted: Any material deemed not suited for those of the the faint hearted, soft minded, sexually immature, censorship prone, etc, are likely to be found in this site so if ye dislike anything but 'mainstream' contemporary literature than just click the back button now.

ps THERE IS NO PORN ON THIS SITE! Several sexually explicit or implied writings yes but no hard core pictures or any porn of any sort.

Index Index, or Home Page(beginning of my home site)

These are the background, pictures etc...

other Links

The Collections I have posted so far..

Other Pages of mine, caution some of these are works, others are opinions, and still others or just views I have. if ye are offended by what other ppl think than dont look into this pages, and if ye do and ye dont like what they say, than I am afraid ye cant do anything about them anyways, I have warned ye already.

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