WrenchTEN's Study of
External Combustion Engines......

.......running on HOT air? .....or HOT Steam?

(stirling engines) (steam engines)

Tin Can Engine Video from New Zealand! added 08/10/2003
Here is a video of a hot air engine built by a 15 year old student of Rosmini College, in Alexander Breig's class.
Video Clip Click Here!

Dietmar's Engine Water cooled 2 cylinder opposed system added 05/05/02

Boyette White's Briggs-Stratton converted to a Stirling! updated 09/018/00 STAGE 2 & 3

Video Clip Click here!

Jim Tangeman's Stirling Powered Tractor! added 02/27/00

John Shevlin's Pictures of Quartzite Engine Meet! added 02/27/00

Craig's Chicken Flinger
Stirling powered BBQ rotisserie!
New link to Craig's web site!03/17/2003

Video clips
Stirling Engines & Steam Traction Engines in action at The 'Rough & Tumble Museum'
added to on 11/22/99

Fizgig engine PLANS updated 12/05/99
Fizgig is running!
picture and engine by Mick Collins

Oscillating Cylinder Stirling. pictures by Steve Truscott

Turning Wood to Watts!! built by Terry Williams

Steam power outboard created by Terry Williams
Was at the 'Olympia Steam Meet'

Steam powered canoe! created by Tony Hubner
Was at the 'Olympia Steam Meet'

Pictures from 'The Olympia Steam Meet'

Jim Tangman's Stirling developements!

A Tour of Stirling engines created by Mick Collins

Rhombic Drive Stirling engine
created at DeKalb Tech by Richard Egge

V-Twin Scotch yoke Stirling
created by Richard Egge

Horizontally Opposed Twin Stirling engine
created at DeKalb Tech by Russell Battle

Diaphram Stirling engine PLANS now available here!

created by Larry Boreham

Click here for Quartzite engine meet pictures!

Click here for some South Jersey Stirling engines.

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