By Loz Martin

Wrestling Career Online is currently down for renovation. It will be relaunched at in early 2003. Please join the mailing list for the latest updates, I apologise for the site being down now. Update 28/02/03- To be honest, I've lost the desire to run the site after losing all the stuff I had done. By request of someone I've put up the pages that I managed to recover (the first 3 chapters that were already there- I had to recreate the password page and a few other bits). They're accessible from here, and the Password page here. Simon Melling's one-off match is available here.

As for the new chapters and the re-launch, I just don't feel motivated enough to redo them again, so this'll probably be my last update, as I leave the site to rot in the cesspool of the Internet. Thanks for visiting.

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