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2/13/09 UPDATE - More WWE documentaries thanks to Netflix - the excellent Dusty Rhodes one and the mediocre managers one...CLICK HERE!
1/7/09 UPDATE - I recently found out you can get most any WWE release (including documentaries) on Netflix...so I did that. Enjoy the reviews as they're 3 great ones about Eddie Guerrero, Billy Graham and the Ladies of Wrestling...CLICK HERE!
12/20/08 UPDATE - A Pacific update with stars from Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji...CLICK HERE!
12/11/08 UPDATE - In the past 2 1/2 months, I have gotten a new job, moved my family over 100 miles and had limited access to pro-wrestling, but expect some updates between now and the new year. Starting with some documentaries...CLICK HERE!
9/20/08 UPDATE - I'm back at school and as busy as ever. I am watching next to nothing current, but find some time to do more historical research. Here is a sample of that with 5 of "Papa" Paul Bowser's most famous and successful creations of the 1930s...CLICK HERE!
8/18/08 UPDATE - A rasslin' dream match - Ken Lucas & "Cowboy" Bob Kelly versus "The #1 Hillbilly" Ron Wright & Mario Galento...CLICK HERE!
8/23/08 UPDATE - Long overdue WWE and TNA roster updates

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Top Ten Rated Japanese Wrestlers -
1. Jun Akiyama - 83%
2. KENTA - 80%
-. Yuji Nagata - 80%
4. Satoshi Kojima - 78%
-. Kenta Kobashi - 78%
6. Toshiaki Kawada - 77%
-. Shinjiri Otani - 77%
-. Masato Tanaka - 77%
9. Ikuto Hidaka - 76%
0. Naomichi Marufuji - 76%

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