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After several years of searching and compiling information that all came from the internet thanks to the hard work and research of people like Nancy Wright Bays I was able to reunite my father with cousins that had been lost for thirty years, travel and see the places where my Ancestors lived, going back 200+ years,  and attend a family reunion in Kentucky where endless stories and pictures were collected.  Most of which would not have been possible with out the help of Nancy Wright Bays and her exhaustive love the Wright family and never ending research.  I hope to help others come across dearly needed information with the same spirit Nancy has shown to me and many others.  Contact me and I can add your needed information to the Wrights Most Wanted section.  God Bless!                    
Eastern Kentucky Marraiges
Carter and Floyd
Lester County
Family Group Sheets

Joseph and Mary Wright, Lauren Co., S.C.

Decendants of James Wright, Duplin Co.

Decendants of Allen Wright,Rev

James Wright and Clara Belle Welles of Ohio

Decendants of Sir John Wright of Kelv. Hall

New England Wrights

Hezekiah Wright and Deliah Lee Wright

Job and Sarah Newton Wright, prob., Va

Decendants of James and Elizabeth J. Carr

John Wright and Alice Ryther of Yorkshire

John and Suzanna Wright of Orange Co., Va.

Francis and Anne Wahington Wright of Va.

Forefather Wright of N.C.

Amherst Co., Va. Wrights

Wrights in England

John and Jennie Wright of Wythe Co., Va.

George and Ara Noe Wright of Va.

Decendants Chart J. Jacob Wright

Isaac Wright of Columbus Co., N.C.

Elisha and Racheal Wright of Athens Co., Ohio

Joseph and Francis of Va

Roger Wright of England

Sarah E. Wright and Newman Foss

Elizabeth Wright b. ca. 1810, Va.

Henry Wright b. 1424, England

Decendantsw of James Wright and Marion Young

William Wright of North Carolina

Children of David Beyers

1835 Virginia War Pensions
Cook-Wright Connection
Wright Family Matters

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The 1885 Jones-Wright Fued
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Russell County Virginia Wright Family Records
Wrights Most Wanted
Samuel Wright of Springfield, Mass
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13th Regiment Calvary Kentucky Volunteers CSA
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