1996 San Francisco CFFL 49ers
Notes From The Owners:
My first season as the owner of the CFFL 49ers was very interesting.  I was able to draft my favorite player Steve Young.  Steve slipped through the cracks to the fourth pick in round one.  My starting team which was supposed to consist of Steve Young, Marshall Faulk, Rashaan Salam, Chris Carter, J.J. Stokes, Tamarick Vanover, Shannon Sharpe, Chris Boniol, and the San Francisco's Defensive Team.  That line-up was stricken with regular seasong injuries.  Players like Sharpe, Carter, Young, and the 49er's Defense, arose to the occassion when the team needed them the most.  With the help of Young and the Defense, the '96 team squeaked into the playoffs by beating the Giants (Mr. Meyer).  Then in the first week of the playoffs the team stepped up incredibly to beat a much better team the Bills (Russell Meyer & Jason Howard), our regular season Western Conference Champions.  Then in week two the team going in as the underdog once again against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Ed Meyer), played as overachievers and pulled out a stunning victory.  The teams cinderella season came to an end in the first ever Cove Fantasy Football League Championship game.  The CFFL 49ers lost to the CFFL Chiefs 74 to 47.
The 1996 49er's CFFL Team MVP
Congratulations to Steve Young who finished the year with 215 points.  Steve was in the top ten of quarterbacks at year end. He deserved the teams most valuable player do to his outstanding performance in the post season.  Steve carried the team towards the end of the season right into the Championship game.

Once again Congratulations to the 1996 San Francisco's CFFL Team MVP!!!!!
The 49er's 1996 CFFL Roster
Players Name / Points for the Season / Overall Ranking
Steve Bono QB
1996 Points: 136
Overall Ranking: 88
Rich Gannon QB
1996 Points: 56
Overall Ranking: 196
Elvis Grbac QB
1996 Points: 86
Overall Ranking: 155
Steve Young QB
1996 Points: 215
Overall Ranking: 21
**'96 Team MVP**
Marshall Faulk RB
1996 Points: 128
Overall Ranking: 96
Scottie Graham RB
1996 Points: 0
Overall Ranking: 381
Amp Lee RB
1996 Points: 59
Overall Ranking: 192
David Meggett RB
1996 Points: 26
Overall Ranking: 259
Rashaan Salam RB
1996 Points: 68
Overall Ranking: 176
Sherman Williams RB
1996 Points: 20
Overall Ranking: 280
Chris Calloway WR
1996 Points: 89
Overall Ranking: 147
Chris Carter WR
1996 Points: 167
Overall Ranking: 48
Alvin Harper WR
1996 Points: 29
Overall Ranking: 249
Qadry Ismail WR
1996 Points: 46
Overall Ranking: 216
J.J. Stokes WR
1996 Points: 23
Overall Ranking: 270
Tamarick Vanover WR
1996 Points: 26
Overall Rankingl: 255
Lonnie Johnson TE
1996 Points: 41
Overall Ranking: 225
Shannon Sharpe TE
1996 Points: 160
Overall Rankingl: 57
*CFFL 1st-Team All-Star*
Chris Boniol K
1996 Points: 143
Overall Ranking: 79
Matt Stover K
1996 Points: 107
Overall Ranking: 128
Chicago's Defense
1996 Points: 161
Overall Ranking: 53
San Francisco's Defense
1996 Points: 256
Overall Ranking: 12
1996 49ers CFFL Record
Regular Season Record
6 - 8 / .429
Playoff Record
2 - 1 / .667
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