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Reath is a 3rd edition D&D game on the web site

Reath is a world in between dimensions all magic or magical beings that cross dimensions pass through Reath for a near second and are gone towards their true destination, but in that fraction of a moment a life time can go by on Reath and the universe around it.

Reath has all manner of creatures living on its vast continents and in its deep unknown seas. On Reath the major races are Humans, elves dwarves, halfings, gnomes, and gobliniods.

The goblins grow in vast numbers and out number the humans 3 to 1. Humans, Elves, and Dwarves are equal in population. Gnomes and Halflings make up the next level and the other races and intelligent creatures are below them.

Reath is a hogde pogde of realms mixed into one, the majority being Kalamar, Forgotten Realms, and especially Dragonlance.

I am the host and judge in the game. I am looking for mature players over 18 to join. Reath is in the adult section of playbyweb, because of its violent nature and sexual themes. Anyone in the game found to be younger the 18 will be removed from Reath and reported to playbyweb.

Anyone with any understanding of D&D can play and will find it most easy, and anyone who has never played will find it rather simple to learn and help will be given.

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