Step One: Things You Will Need
To make orange juice the MANLY WAY, you will need these following items:
This is a faucet.  If you live in a house, you probably have one.
This is a glass.  These can be bought at stores or "borrowed" from restraunts.
This is a jug.  Jugs are used to hold things.  Like orange juice.
This is a can of orange juice concentrate.  Be careful with this, for it is highly concentrated.
This is a can of orange juice concentrate.  It  is also the key ingredient to making orange juice.  These are usually found at most grocery stores (places where you buy food that isn't already made).  If you can't find one of these, sorry, you can't make orange juice.  However, you can follow these same directions (for the most part) and make a nice glass of water!
This is a jug.  You may know this by other names, such as a "pitcher" or "canister of holding" or "green thing".  The jug is where the creation and formation of the orange juice takes place.  If a jug is not readily available, an empty milk carton or 2-liter soda bottle will do.
This is an example of a  faucet.  There are many types of faucets, so do not worry if yours does not look the same, just make sure you know how to get water out of it.  The faucet will be used to add water to the orange juice.  If this seems complicated, do not worry, the process will be explained later.  If you live in a house, you probably have a faucet.  Chances are, there is probably one in your kitchen (the place where people store and make food), or your bathroom (the place where you read).  Though both are suited for the task, the kitchen faucet is the preferred of the two.
This is a glass.  The glass will be the carrier of the orange juice, much like a battery is a carrier of electricity.  Orange juice is put into a glass, and electricity is put into a battery.  The glass then holds the orange juice until it is needed to power someone's body, just like a battery holds electricity until you need to power something electronic.  However, this does not mean that batteries can hold orange juice, or that glasses can hold electricity.  Glasses and batteries are not interchangable.  Do NOT attempt to drink orange juice from a battery.
This is a spoon.  The spoon will be used to mix stuff (you'll find out what later).  If a spoon cannot be found, a stick or your arm can be used as a suitable substitute.
This is a shoe.  This will be used to throw at anyone who attempts to distract you from making orange juice, or tries to drink your finished product.
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