Well, the Jubilee has been postponed until spring of next year, so that gives me a little while longer to get in shape. Gonna have a wonderful time in Las Vegas, you betcha!

You mean you haven't yet heard about the Jubilee? Oh, my! I thought everyone knew! We have reserved rooms at the Imperial Palace Hotel and plan on getting together as many of our chums as possible. And you know what? We can play BINGO as well as KENO and other games and win REAL money in Las Vegas!

Laughlin, Nevada

Last year, hubby and I drove to Laughlin to meet with Welopez and Punky-Doodle. We knew that mom would have a blast, so we took her with us! We stayed at the Colorado Belle, and the weather was perfect!

I had never met Welopez, but I'd heard him speak of Punky-Doodle many times in the chat room. It was just like meeting an 'old friend' and we had a wonderful time.

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