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Tuesday July 11, 2000 16:39
Testing, testing, doing something... testing...
The image directly below is about 50K. On a 28.88kbps modem, it will finish downloading in 15 secs.
I know it looks corny, but it's my first time using Dreamweaver, so...
I was more concerned with effects rather than looks.
Only the first four volumes have something to show, and it is not yet finished.
Severely under construction. Gomen.

If you have scripts and such, please tell me, and I'll go hunting for it on your site.
Right now, the most complete translations can be found at Project Houshin.
Summaries can be found in most of the HE sites below.
If you want your site added below, click on Main and add your URL in the LinkGear located in the Main Links Section.
I'll add it to the proper section when I update.

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More links to come.

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~~~Main~~~Xenogears~~~Yuu Yuu Hakusho~~~Saga Frontier 2~~~Houshin Engi~~~Original Works~~~

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