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M[e]RLiN is willing to pay $Counter dollars for a win.

Ok Ye Olde PubSIuts proudly presents, Ye_Olde's free win begging section.... This section was started due to the amount of free win begging we have found to be happening on now watch and laugh your ass off at these guys.

When begging for a win, we recommend PayPal as the only source to bribe your opponents Beggars

Ok these pics were sent in by resident PubSIut Photographer and Giggolo Jess.Is.Noob who happened to be out and about looking for some hoochie with his digital camera and managed to get in a photograph of each of these beggars before they started hassling him for some change...(click on image to enlarge)
I HATE SMURFS hey man got a quarter? plz! plz! plz! plz! plz!
Intel-Newblar M[e]RLiN Alexander-1.
this game is my life, you have parents i have warcraft i started this gangsta shit PIC COMING SOON
S0uthpark KSE]AfterShock THIS COULD BE YOU

Speaka Da Englishe?
Game: 2v2 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Duskwood
Description: okay so this game is xtrm + GettingLich vs spybot and some arch dott elf its a pretty funny game really ..and the best part is a guy begging who cant speak english real well so the game ends and turns out he has a 37-0 acct (or should i say he did) anyway check it out its pretty funny and also a pretty nice game 43 mins :D
Download the Replay

Blacki-Da-Pimp vs Uglyiest
Game: 1v1 Solo Ladder Beg
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Plunder Isle
Description: First game ever from long timer forums member SLuTFace, this time round he's sent us in a replay of a triple dose, this guy is a hacker, a noob AND a beggar. God these begs still crack me reply to the begging he is asked "U Give good head?" PRICELESS!
Download the Replay

STDBOYS vs TooFast4You + Roc2-TitsNaSS
Game: 2v2 Ladder BEG
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Crucible
Description: LOL....HERPE = 52 , CRABS = Teh.Nightfury.....This is probably Beg of the Century........1 Crow Form Talon to watch them all, 1 War Mill to shit its pants and 1 Gyro to end it all.
Download the GOLD BEG

teaMRice- vs Classy European Beggar
Game: 1v1 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Gnoll Wood
Description: Resident PubSIut Public Relations officer teaMRice- shows off some real nice human skills along the way to r@ping a lame Level 25 begging european fiend massing "nab"........quotes "REPRESENT PUBSIUT AMERICA K THX"............."GEOCITIES.COM/YEOLDEPUBSIUT HIT THAT SHIT"...........hahaha oh and i nearly forgot followed by some begging....MORE IMPORTANTLY funny shit guys check out the farm StarCraft- puts in his base at the end....PRICELESS!.........and yes he did find himself on PubSIut.......oh wait i nearly also forgot quote by euro noob: "you are the most unkind warcraft player ever" L O L
Download this SHIT right NOW

fearsome- VS Fry-My-Bacon
Game: 1v1 Ladder BEG
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Tranquil
Description: Replay sent in from fearsome- claiming that this was a double, yes a HACK and a BEG replay at the same time :D we here at PubSIuts love both that shit....ok replay starts off with some complaining from Fry-My-Bacon about him having no sound (probably swapped his soundcard for a win) followed by some EXTREME BEGGING....
Download the Begging

M[e]rLiN the begging bitch at it again
Game: 1v1 SOLO Ladder
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Lost Temple
21:25 M[e]rLiN (All):ur not gonna give me?
21:28 M[e]rLiN (All):after all these times?
21:32 zEr0.c0oL (All):sorry :/
M[e]RLiN is back at it again.......some people get to level 25 with skill, micro, co-ordination....others abuse AMM, maphack or tower rush....then we have the third category....the dick sukkers....this guy could suck a quarter out a parking meter he begs so hard and YES he does have the cheese burgers.
Download Merlin Begging AGAIN

StArCraft- joins clan BEG
Game: 1v1 BEG
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Frostsabre
Description: Well well, even though it was only a small beg, we thought a lot more of Starcraft before we watched this game, but now we have lost a lot of respect for order to gain our trust again he is going to have to go down on an unwashed Chinese_PubSIut for a period of 2 hours or until she reaches her climax....sigh why beg......
Download the Replay

aNc.MeDiVh vs anuityfanclub
Game: 1v1 SOLO Ladder
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Elf Paradise
Description: hmmm now im not sure whats cooking here but we got a fat beg here with one of ANuity's groupies........hard begging comes from Medivh as he says he needs the win so bad so he can sell the account so he can pay his internet bill!?!?!? LOL.......never heard that excuse before.......FanClub just laughs at his lame a$S and tells him how he's sending it in to us here at the pubSIuts....
Download the Begging

M[e]RLiN beggin his a$S off again LOL
Game: 1v1 SOLO Beg
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Plunder Isle
Description: Well well well, you though this noob would have learned the first time around, but no....M[e]RLiN is back at his begging, im beginning to think this guy is going to knock S0uthpark off for his crown and leadership of the "beg clan" wanna see a marathon beg? how about 53 minutes of begging!?!?? yes thats right, "akalevel23solo" is the man slapping Merlin around like the bitch he is, and thanks heaps for sending this shit in LOL.....gotta watch it guys.
Download the Replay

Vice-ViCer vs Trai3ieSo
Game:1v1 Solo Ladder
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Legends
Description: ok here we have a level 13 elf up against a level 21 orc...pretty much straight off the gun he is asking for a free win....10 minutes later the orc is getting his a$S handed to him via a level 10 demon hunter and one infernal.....then begins to beg his wyvern massing a$S off. So funny when will orc noobs learn there is more to playing orc than massing wyvern and begging!?
Download the Begging

GG-Danger vs Elf-Newb
Game:1v1 Beg Ladder
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Tranquil Gutter
Description:OK get a load of this horse shit........
10:43 GG-DaNGeR (All):i can grant u ops in xroc. full ops.
10:53 GG-DaNGeR (All):and i can give u my smurf
10:55 GG-DaNGeR (All):and i can give u beta
15:03 GG-DaNGeR (All):but i need this win very badly
15:06 GG-DaNGeR (All):i cannot fall below lvl 19
15:08 GG-DaNGeR (All):it would be fatal
Now where have i heard all this shit before? Sounds awfully similar to the king of begging - S0uthpark if you ask me. What more do i need to say, Stock standard rape by elf.newb with big begging by the james brown of begging himself.
Download the Begging

Patch 114b Begging Replays

So sad so sad.....Level 26 Lamer.
Game:1v1 BEG
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: Ok this game feels as if its gone in 60 seconds, well not really it would have been but there was a fair bit of begging after the rush...The game starts with trash talking and one player telling the other player to leave, as he has the better stats and claims to be a Level 26 on a different account.....a few minutes later after a successful rush we see the guy who was telling the other guy to leave with his head up his own a$S eating his own words....this is art...a masterpiece.
Download the Replay

Begging approach Lesson #34: Tower
Game:1v1 BEG
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: Okay here we have one of the players, who i may add are both friends of the PubSIuts - Chaos_Thang and Garg.AbuSe, battling it out on Lost Temple. The player who was seemingly beaten early on decides to take the different begging approach and throw up a shitload of their races respective towers and sit behind them and then begin to beg. Thanks to these towers the game swings around and now you dont know who is going to win.
Download the Replay

Seksi-1 aka gTe[Stealth] threatening...
Game:1v1 BEG
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Lost Temple
Description: Bit of a new twist to the begging section, with a more threatening we have gTe[Stealth] more commonly known as Gina's groupie, threatening our hero VainValdrax that he will be banned from xRoC if he dont leave....pfff i pity ye begging ass..
Download the Replay

S0thpark is at it AGAIN!
Game:1v1 BEG
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Legends
Description: well well well he's still hard at it, exchanging cheeseburgers for oral, yes thats right beggings finest, im talkin the james brown of begging - S0uthpark....seriously though this lame ass son of a slut is one good smooth talker, i bet he sweet talks his mom into her not telling his dad that them boys that keep coming into his room are not "studying" with him. Anyway he gets his pants raped off of him and somehow manages to talk DEXTA into giving him the win....yes i know what a noob but i mean who wouldnt give up a win to this beggar when he was only offering "kick ban op on xroclikewhoa" and "gg-danger account"....sigh this guy is nearly as lame as ricky martin. Seriously though i am just a pubSIut and not a career guidance councillor but hog dang tell me this guy isnt perfectly cut out for the role of a cheesy sleazy fo sheezy car salesman.
Download the king of Beggars at work again

BegFart the free win abuser doing his thang
Game:1v1 BEG
Version: RoC 1.14b Map: Frostbeggar
Description: 08:29 BadFart (All):bro pls
08:44 Beverage (All):srry dude
08:46 Beverage (All):i dont do that
08:49 BadFart (All):dude pls
10:07 BadFart (All):bro common i can give you 3 on slow-my-fles
10:10 BadFart (All):all
10:13 BadFart (All):rs flavort
10:25 Beverage (All):srry dude
10:27 Beverage (All):i cant
10:33 BadFart (All):y not man
10:38 Beverage (All):i dont want free wins
10:40 Beverage (All):i dont give free wins
10:51 Beverage (All):i dont abuse
10:52 Beverage (All):the ladder
10:59 Beverage (All):dude
11:01 Beverage (All):recs arent eeverything
Wooot i love this shit yet another free win newbie, this time its Badfart....i barely knew this guy but all little respect that i did have is gone now from this noob. This guy pretty much proves that a number next to your account name dont mean shit, its all just free wins... Anyway in this game Beverage just creeps hard for 5 minutes and then proceeds to steamroll this begging noob. When will beggars realise that they need to get up off there knees, practise and just remember that this game is not about % or records....sigh....gj mr root beerbev and thanks for sending it in :D
Download the Replay

Russian.King in the gutter
Game:1v1 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14b Map:Begging Temple
Description: Forced is the beggar and an amateur at that, he has obviously been skipping his begging classes with s0uthpark, but who cares it is still a beg and i loved it even more when i found out that this guys AKA was russian-king AKA CarrierS. Personally my AKA's for this guy include Cum Chugger, Fukhead and Fagg0t. Yous all know that hacking piece of shit im sure? ya well his 60-2 solo a$S got shafted here by Goku...
Download the hacker begging

M[e]RLiN the Beggar
Game:1v1 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14b Map:Begging Basin
Description: hahahahaha ok somehow and for some reason M[e]RLiN is completely outplayed and outmicro'd by Shobo, yet he still has the nerve to say he deserved the win since he has less solo losses WTF?!?.......when asked what he wants in return for the free win, Shobo swiftly replies with his offer of oral sex. since Merlin already had about 6 throbbing love rods in his mouth already, there was no way shobos was going to fit so he had to decline but began to beg.....this begging recieves a 7 on The Begometer, but it is really a good elf mirror. Thanks to Shobo for sending this in :D
Download the begging

Intel-Newblar beg beg beg
Game:2v2 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14 Map:Swamp Of the Beggar
Description: QUOTE:
22:53 Intel-Newblar (All):Please
23:00 Intel-Newblar (All):Ugh plz...
23:04 Intel-Newblar (All):CMON
23:05 Intel-Newblar (All):PLZ
23:09 RedSta.General (All):no respect to somebody who begs
23:15 Intel-Newblar (All):So wtf do u want me to do
23:18 Intel-Newblar (All):Oh im not begging im asking
23:19 RedSta.General (All):this game aint about win %
here we have Intel-Newblar on his brand new spanking hacking account, bragging about his stats at the start of the game with his ally dt0[exem]...when all goes wrong against there opponents in Pinksta_General and Redsta_General (who the fuck are these guys :D) intel-newblar throws his capslock on and begs his bitch ass for the win for the rest of the game, giving us the old S0uthpark news of oh shit im gonna lose my 90% plus more. This is actually an ok game, and it shouldnt be too hard to guess who these smurfs are we will give you a hint they are regular posters on this site :D
Download the begging

Have some dignity "PLZ!" x 100
Game:1v1 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14b Map:Begging Temple
Description: ok alexander-1. is the beggar this time begging like a wh0re on dollar day, i swear this bitch said "plz!" about 100 times in this replay. once again this is actually an good close game......MWAHA who am i kidding SuperSaiyinGOku steam rolled this guy....btw i laughed my ass off at the name of the replay file this was sent to me titled: "havesomedignity.w3g"
PLZ! Download the begging

Southpark + War[1G] vs Knoxvi11e and Clan-Haji
Game:2v2 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14 Map:Begging Temple
Description: Without a doubt, this guy takes the crown off KSE]Aftershock for King of win begging.....get a load of this:
29:34 S0uthPark (All):if i lose i quit bnet
29:45 S0uthPark (All):please fucking christ
29:46 Clan-Haji (All):then can i have your account
29:48 kn0xvi11e (All):its just a game man..
29:48 Clan-Haji (All):^.^
29:50 S0uthPark (All):..
29:53 S0uthPark (All):i no but u kids have other shit
29:54 kn0xvi11e (All):win some, lose som
29:56 S0uthPark (All):i dont even have paretns
29:57 S0uthPark (All):no
29:59 S0uthPark (All):its not like that
30:02 S0uthPark (All):i feel accepted on this game
30:08 S0uthPark (All):if i lose my rec
30:10 S0uthPark (All):fuck it
30:11 S0uthPark (All):and my life
30:18 Clan-Haji (All):ok now tahts gay
30:24 S0uthPark (All):no u dont get it
30:27 S0uthPark (All):i dont have much to live for
30:59 S0uthPark (All):before u finsih me
31:01 S0uthPark (All):just gimme a fucking chance.
31:02 S0uthPark (All):jesus
31:04 kn0xvi11e (All):sorry to hear man
31:05 S0uthPark (All):its so not a big deal
31:07 S0uthPark (All):no
31:09 S0uthPark (All):what the fuck...
31:12 S0uthPark (All):my allie goes chims
31:13 kn0xvi11e (All):i really dont want 67.9 %
31:14 S0uthPark (All):and i get a loss cuz of it
31:24 S0uthPark (All):ill give u 20 bucks each
31:26 Clan-Haji (All):u can keep playing
31:26 S0uthPark (All):for the win
31:30 S0uthPark (All):we got a deal?
31:33 S0uthPark (All):20 bucks for a fucking win
31:35 S0uthPark (All):whats ur email?
31:45 Clan-Haji (All):sorry man

ROFL OMFG IS THIS GUY LAME OR WHAT. i doubt this begging by s0uthpark will be beaten in a long long long time, i mean this sh1t hits 10 on The Begometer god damn i cant get over how sad this guy is....big thanks to kn0xvi11e for sending this replay in...
Download the begging

Kse]AftershocK beggin Mac64 for the win
Game:1v1 Ladder
Version: RoC 1.14 Map:Beg Wood
Description: ROFL very quick game right here HU v HU.....some quotes from the game "fucking gay", " bad day" and "nice lameness"...followed by the usual hacker accusations and also as the description title suggests - some win begging...not just your average win begging i mean this is the most ive ever seen anyone beg, Aftershock even offers this guy money ....LOL LOL LOL you guys gotta check it out this is funnier than a whole season of Chris Rock........even a bit of exposure for this very site at the end....:D we here at yeoldepubsiut loooove this shit...keep em coming dudes...... big thanks to Mac for the entertainment..PS: a little bit of trivia i thought you might have wanted to drool over aftershocks sexy 40 apm
Download what started it all

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