back home fool to the Ye_Olde_PubSIut Daily Times *sniff* *sniff* mmmm do i smell high level cheese? reign of chaos replays recognise get up out yo trailer and go talk about the pubsIuttin community interviews, backstabbing and pubsluttin tips

Other PubSIuttin

Replay informer Check your actions per minute, with this newer and improved replay charter to see if you can keep up with Ye_Olde's rally point spamming 86kb
Interview with HAPPY420 by Ye_Olde_PubSIut 420 pounds of pure tryhardness discusses his sexuality and noobality.
Interview with Teh.Nightfury by Ye_Olde_PubSIut the cheesiest elf player tells all.
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*sniff* *sniff* mmmm do i smell frozen throne cheese?
The lengths some people will go to for a win...
Interview with Beverage by Ye_Olde_PubSIut and Chinese_PubSIut get to know Mr. Root Beer
The game has been out for like 2 years...sigh

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