back home fool to the Ye_Olde_PubSIut Daily Times *sniff* *sniff* mmmm do i smell high level cheese? reign of chaos replays recognise get up out yo trailer and go talk about the pubsIuttin community interviews, backstabbing and pubsluttin tips

Recognise these top 10 gosu cheesers, masters of cheddar

although many of you wish to be on this page, that may one day come true...yes thats right all it takes is your name on the front ladder page, basic micro and strong knowledge in how to abuse your races strengths against your enemies weakness...unless you play orc of course then you just mass wyverns :D
Well it just so happens that all of these players happen to be resident replay submitters on this here website so sit back and see how its on players portrait to check out there replay database.......
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ken and barbie have been a great couple since like forever, but warcraft 1v1 turns Ken on more these days....

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when Boris isnt plucking his monobrow, he is taking out his anger out on ladder opponents by nuking heroes..

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Hi my names Bev, i enjoy watching old Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs i think Luke Perry and Jason Priestly are hot hot hotter than a can of warm root beer..

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intel hachi is commander of the nerd patrol, destroying all who oppose his ray gun , i mean Lich..

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Eugenes mullet is in the best shape of its life, thanks to Herbal Essence citrus blend which strengthens roots and stops split ends..

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just ask cletus, once porco casts death coil and frost nova on your hero thats all folks...

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watch out the this guy has more archers on his boat than cambodians have refugees on rubber dingys...

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