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Noob Of The Week

Noob Of The Week 4: Trogon vs Syrinx
Game: 1v1 Solo Ladder
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Scorched Basin
Description: Well here we have orc vs orc, and some gosu strats to go with it.......i mean the good 'old one grunt + one headhunter harass is always good, then creeping with your hero out of range to get any experience for it makes it even better, then finally when you work it out that you need to be close to get the experience in RoC and you level your Blademaster up to level 4 and you havent even chose a skill for him since he first come out the altar NOW THATS GOSU!!!
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Noob Of The Week 3: Lich-Nova + SuckieBamBou vs MassNothing + Tripping_Tauren
Game: 2v2 AT Ladder
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Crucible
Description: With all due respect - EVeryone knows D-Day in World War 2 on that normandy beach when dudes were just running into straight into German MG42 machine guns???......well this is the Warcraft equivalent........these guy had the game won and then ran and sat into a cube then got they a$S's steam tanked LOL....GG NOOBS!!!1
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Game: 2v2 RT WHAT ELSE?
Version: RoC 1.16 Map: Golems In the Mist
Description: Im still trying to decide which one of these 4 guys is "THE" kinda pointing towards the human, only because of his punctuality....
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Noob Of The Week 1: PSU_Lush vs 365)
Game: 1v1 SOLO Ladder
Version: RoC 1.15 Map: Lost Temple
Description: Some noobs just dont get angers me that one strat wonder noobs are allowed to buy this game, take the human player PSU_Lush in this replay for example....techs vs elf (why? tier 1 and high level hero is what beats elf) and also what cements the fact that he is a noob is he takes paladin as 2nd hero (vs UD this is ok, but elf?) then decides on tier 1 again once he is half way to castle?!?!? , blizz'z on dryads all damn game sigh and even manages to teleport to this town which is only 5 farms away in distance.....i havent bothered to check but if this guy is anything over level 5 solo it is sad. Btw nice Teh.Nightfury moonwell rush also displayed in this game by his opponent 365).
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Exactly Counter People pity these noobs.

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