back home fool. Ye_Olde_PubSIut and the gang FT styles. next 2v2AT rank #1 team hackers and noobies of bnet wannabe pubSIuts sending in there replays

Journey to USEast 2v2AT rank #1

Chinese_PubSIut and Polish_PubSIut, although not being able to understand each others language, are able to both communicate when it comes to getting around the pub home whilst wearing minimal makeup.
Chinese PubSIut, possibly the closest PubSIut to Ye_Olde_PubSIut in terms of booze-hounds taken home, knows the Orc race back to front and has passed on this racial choice to Polish_PubSIut.
Polish_PubSIut (pictured below) was but a SIut straight out of the city of SIutski, when recruited by Chinese. Armed with nothing but a cordless keyboard, optical mouse and her polish sausage, she has become a feared name in the azeroth realm, for both warcraft and for sexually transmitted diseases.

And so begins the journey of our two make-up-caked wh0res going from pub to pub, breaking both marriages and foreskins in the East.

GRR i may be 50 but i know how to suck em dry


YES! Its chinese_pubsiut


44 minutes of back and forwth horde chapping!
Game:AT 2v2
Version: RoC 1.12 Map: Golems in the midst
Description: Kick ass game here ppl, u just have to watch this one ass hats, enjoy (44 minutes long yup). as you could probably tell the pubsIuts were not playing at there best, if so this would have been over around the 7 minute mark. the Level 18 solo guy ffa[smack]carried his partner Chaos_Thang for every second of the game. o wells, Ye_Olde_pubSIut told the apprentice Polish that she cant just pick up any race OR guy from the pub, go home and get spanked, i mean ranked. bit more orc mirror practise and she will have this sh1t down pat.
Download the replay this replay has been downloaded 732 * note, figure may be distorted by yeOlde's Ego ^^ times.

Showing 2 Nubs how this sh1t is done 24/10
Game:AT 2v2
Version: RoC 1.12 Map: Gnoll Wood
Description: ok this is an Orc/Orc v Orc/Orc mirror match played in two seperate ways. There is the PubSIut way, and there is the noob way. NoobONoob and his butt pirate of a partner Solo_O.rc get off to a very bad start, getting on the PubSIuts nerves. In turn this brings a FAT harass followed up by a hard push, with Polish coming through with the early game threat of taking out Solo's base first. Excellent display of owning little AT wh0res, but these noobs had to go out and spoil this game with some bad mannered farm hiding. Also note, chinese pubsIut with a very sexy 56 APM.....
Download the replay