Simsylvania: Seraphine of this site is the creator of the whole pale sims thing and the site fulfills any downloading needs you might have.

Amazon Sims: My personal favourite for Pale Sims, these guys have got it down to a fine art, site contains skins for pale and other sims, poses and handy tutorials. Also this is where I got the nudes and head templates for my skins.

Around the Sims: Best objects ever, also check out the wedding dress skins and the NPCs.

Frilly Sims: Great Site for head meshes and skins in general.

Monay's: Excellent skin site, on hiatus at the moment, but hopefully she'll be back soon!

Nighttime Sims: The people here do some great work, I like Khrymson's skins especially. If you have a spare hour or two, go check it out, there's loads of stuff!

Ophelia's: This is my absolute favourite Sims site ever, the objects are amazing, the skins are original and so well done.

Persimmon Grove: This is a brilliant site! I LOVE IT! Objects are in a conservatory theme and they're all perfect, there's also a nice winery theme and some must-have plants. What's also nice is that the objects all work with the original Sims game and require no expansion packs.

Sim Sketches: Has some of the quirkiest skins, meshes, and themes.

Sim Skins: Some of the best head meshes, site also contains poses and skins.

SimSisters: Too bad this site doesn't update anymore, the skins are really cool, and the objects are great too.

Cheap Frills: The best hacked objects.

BNJxLVR: Skins, the best pets, nice objects and some innovative meshes.

Jeannie's Bottle of Sims: This is just such a great site I can't believe I hadn't discovered it sooner! There are some brilliant meshes, saucy lingerie (teehee), and some celebrity skins that-get this-don't suck. The piece de resistance however are the Sailor Moon skins, even the outer senshi and Sailor Starlights are included!

Corry's Factory: Some ace meshes and objects, great formal skins. The Sailor Moon skins are so cute, but only include the inner senshi and Chibi Moon

Stylissimode: Poses for all occasions including couples. Excellent.

Have I forgotten anyone? I hope not...if I have, let me know on the guestbook.
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