Skins Menu:
Pale Heads: Heads of pale skin for every mood, most have a corresponding Hot Date skin set..

Pale Bodies: Pale skin sets.

Non-Pale Skins: A few non-pale skins, added to mix things up.

Odd Buyables
: Mostly Superstar stuff.

The Darkness Skins
A few notes regarding skins...

All of the poses are by Sim Skins or Stylissimode, unless they're by me, which they usually aren't...The sets only work with Hot Date, if you want to edit the filenames so that you can use them with an earlier expansion pack, go ahead, just don't re-distribute them, but know this!! If you have Deluxe you can't assign buyables to skins...that's a shame I know...Unless the mesh is a Maxis mesh, it will be included in the zip file so don't worry about that.