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We have a baby girl! Ayumi Hor May Lee was born on the 27th March 2005. For the second time I was in the labour room when i first saw Ayumi. It was 2:58 a.m. I was half a sleep, tired but happy to see her and Masako well.

As a busy dad - I havent had the time to update this web site. My business occupies me more than anything now and at times I feel bad having to work till late and not having to be there for my family most of the time but fortunately I have a lovely and understanding wife and son.

Its been a long time since my last entry. I am sorry for not being able to add anything here for the last 10 months. I have been so so busy. Some updates are - Masako is 4 months pregnant. Takumi has grown to be a fine boy and me... I m just buried with work but I finally realised my dream and with Masako's permission, I went to Cambodia - yes, the Angkor Wat. :)

More stories of my trip - coming soon

Takumi and Masako was in Japan during the summer this year.

Deers at Nara Park.

This was taken some time back this year. Early of the year.

Masako says that I am never home. Sometimes I wish I could spend more time at home but I have too much to do that I tend to forget my priorities at home. Hopefully things would change for the better this year.

The new highway opposite our place is almost ready.

Happy Chinese New Year

31.12.2003 - 2.1.2004
My whole family took a Star Cruise to Langkawi and spent New Years on a cruise.
Inside the cabin. It fits four people.

Sunset while on high seas.

Dinner time.

Takumi wasn't feeling well for a week due to cough and cold but he has found back his desire to eat and have started munching everything.

Eat all you can but frankly the food isn't that great or fresh.

We didnt do much on the cruise after dinner. Walked around the decks and waited for the New Year count down. While waiting we fell asleep.

1.1.2004 - Happy New Year!
We arrived Langkawi island around 8:30 a.m. Had breakfast and took a taxi to the town. Langkawi is a sleepy fishing and tourist island.

Lots to do if you have the time. There was one shopping center which we went to supposedly a duty free shopping center - yes if you are looking for liquors and cigarettes. The rest... quite expensive.

Back on deck.

Jung Wei and Takumi watching the boats go by.

We explored further around the ship. There were many places to just enjoy the view from the ship.

The front engine of the ship.

Soon... it was dinner time.

I am batman...!!!

The wind blowing as the cruise sailed slowly back to Port Klang, being here seemed like time just stood still. A romantic place to be with.

My parents watching the band play some oldies.

2.1.2004 - home at last...

Overall the cruise was a new experience. If you asked me if I were to go on it again - to pay for beer, snacks, pictures taken, expensive casinos.... I would be thinking twice.

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