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These are good sites to visit and learn about trail manners and who's trying to close trails and why.

Be sure to take plenty of water to the desert.


We are the Wells', Jim & Donna. We are extremley happy you have joined us today on our home page. This will be the resting place of our experiences on the four wheel drive trails of Arizona, Colorodo. and Utah, that we have been on and the ones we plane to visit. As you come to the places in the list click on them to get a pix of the trails. These are not the best but we are getting better at this, I think, Enjoy these few, and we plan on having lots more in the near future. Please bookmark this page and visit it often to watch the building of a fun page. I will be adding new tech pages and links as they come available. If you would like your page linked here e-mail me below, and please sign our guest book we would like to hear from you. I had the great pleasure of being one of the judges on the Arizona leg of the Goodyear American Rock-Crawling Championships this year, be sure to check out some of the pictures below. Thanks for dropping by. Check out our Jeeps! When you get to my list of places you may notice that the Colorodo pics are gone,,, I can't find them, I know I put them where I would never forget where they were, guess what,,, I forgot as soon as I find them they will be posted here, enjoy any way.

You can see that I work diligently to upgrade this page!!

My wife and I are members of The Single Action Shooters Society

Ranger W.K. Foster (#29191), Widow Rogers (#29192)

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Trails we have been on

Take a look at this guy with my Grandson, anyone know who won the tough truck challenge in 95? Randy Ellis of Gilbert Az.

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Just another day in the desert!

This is happens to even an experienced driver in a well equipt 4x4!

A very nice and mostly stock 80 Turbo Diesel Scout

North of Phoenix in the Bradshaw Mountains! Left
At Fort Misery on the right!

I would like to introduce you to a very lovely person, sitting on a vintage train at Cottonwood Arizona. This is an old time Train that takes you on a visit through the Verde River canyon, the only way to get there is on this train it is a beautiful trip.

I wheel with some tough 4x4's of all types but the badest little dudes with a little work is the littleSammy's. They can wheel with the best, the one pictured belongs to my son,This is at the Creepy Crawley Trail at Bartlett lake in Az. Now closed due to land use laws.

Future 4 wheeler Can't keep him out of the Jeep now, 6 years old and knows more terms on wheeling than most adults.

We have an attitude problem!!!

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You are number to cross this trail have a nice ride.

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