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The Last Time I Hiked the Adirondacks in 2005 I was Saying.

"Dude This Sucks, I'll never go Backpacking again!!"

Well, I Lied!

Visit my Adirondacks page 2005& 2007 page and now my Glacier National Park 2008 page.


Adirondacks Adventures 2005! or 2007!!


Jump from 14,000 feet @ Skydive 2004!! Swim with 50+ SHARKS @ Shark Bite 2000!! Backpack Alaska @ Alaska 1999!!




A Few Of My Favorite Things

Alaska: Here are some pictures of my 1999 trip and some tips about what and what not to do when backpacking in Grizzly Bear Country.

Adirondacks: I kept saying!! Dude This Sucks!! I'll never go Backpacking again. Take a look at why I almost sold all my equipment and took up Golf. Also (NEW) 2007 backpacking trip BEAUTIFUL.

Glacier National Park 2008 Come and join us as we hike Logan pass, Red Rock Gap and get charged by a grizzle and live to tell the tale.

Porcupine Mountains (Porkies): I have hiked here alone for 3 days, and 4 other times with friends and family. Beautiful and a great for both hardcore or beginners alike

Scuba Diving: Explore this page for multi-level dive charting and popular hand signals. Also you can find some pictures, wreck diving information, maps, and links about great diving spots in Michigan, Florida, and California.

Karate: This site has some photos and tips on self defense tactics. (Learn self defense survival tricks!)

Survival Tips: Look here to find techniques that could help you survive in a variety of circumstances. Some subjects are: Direction, Fire, Shelter, Water, Food, and Edible Wild Plants. (New Survival Tip From Visitor!)

Hiking First-Aid: On this page find helpful hints, tips, and tricks that can make your outdoor experiences safer and more enjoyable. In addition there are some in-depth information on some of the most common hiking plagues such as Blisters, Hypothermia, and Giardia.

Backpacking: This page has printable trip planners, an Article Check List, 7-Day Food Planner, and diagram showing how to pack a backpack. This page also features tips on hiking, pictures, maps, and links to great hiking spots from all around the nation.

Additional Photos: Miscellaneous pictures of friends and family during some great outdoor adventures such as camping, canoeing, rafting, karate and scuba diving.

Adventure Photo's: A collection of pictures taken during my travels all over the United States. Scenes from: Las Vegas, Ohio's Cedar Point, Michigan's State Parks, New York's Time Square, and many more.

2002 Vacation: Soon I'll be adding more info and pictures from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Illinois,Wisconsin and South Dakota. Click here to see unique angles of historic sites such as Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Old Faithful and more.

Friends/Family: These are a few pictures of my friends and family at different events.

Misc. Information: Subjects range from creating web pages, to Business Management skills.

Did You Know: Find a unique selection of helpful and totally useless tid-bits of information. Find out things like what animal lives the longest and where the coldest spot on earth is.

Outrageous Links: Here you will find every thing from the extremely bazaar, to the highly educational. If you have a link that you think would fit, please send it to me! Some link subjects are State and National Parks, Online Outdoor Stores, Scuba diving, First aid, outdoor survival and Web Site Construction.


This site is constantly under construction, so bookmark it and visit often. Site built and maintained by Robert A McCarthy


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