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A bit about me

Zeppelin sleeping

My horse, Elvorn. Me, thoroughly soaked after putting up my tent in the rain.

Skiing, figure skating and ice hockey.

Three things that keep me very busy, and lead to a plaintive cry of "is it winter yet?" all summer. Sure, there are cool summer sports, too (including figure skating and ice hockey, not to mention surfing and sailing), but winter sports are the most fun. So, here's my (simple) guide to my favourite sports, and my favourite spots.


The most fun you can have standing up. Skiing is an activity that is designed to make you poor, but it is lots of fun, neverless. Of the two major types of skiing, downhill (alpine) and cross-country, I prefer alpine. This is because taking a chairlift to the top of the mountain is easier than climbing it. Besides, cross-country skiing uses muscles which I didn't know that I had, and which scream very loudly the next day about the abuse that they were subjected to.

My favourite resort is Thredbo. I have skied overseas on the Kitzsteinhorn near Kaprun, and in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, both in Austria. They rock. The other major resort in NSW is Perisher Blue. Huge resort, lots of varied terrain, but I still like Thredbo best. Maybe that's because I learned to ski there, or maybe it's the mountain itself. Dunno. At any rate, here is a link to the Thredbo website, and here is one to Perisher Blue. One of the many good things about Thredbo is the range of activities which you can do in summer, including the Blues Festival and the Thredbo Legends of Jazz Way cool.
I have spent two Australian winters working for Selwyn Snowfields. While the mountain is not very challenging for advanced skiiers, it is *excellent* for beginners. Selwyn's pages are here.

I saw the mountains around Innsbruck in Austria in 1999, and I'm in love. Check out the Tirol region here . (English and German) Truly massive peaks. I need to go back and visit during the ski season.
Even better, I got to work there season 2001-2002, and 2002-2003 at Snow and Fun in Hinterglemm.


A mildly scary activity (I don't like not being able to move my feet independently) that I first tried in season 2001 at Selwyn Snowfields. I'm not very good at it yet, but Ian is going to teach me how to snowboard this season. Good luck, babe!

Figure skating

A lot of hard work, and a lot of fun. There are about 30 figure skaters in Canberra, including a pair and a few dance couples. We had a precision team as well, but it is in recess while we look for more skaters. Precision ice skating is a team sport which is very good training for end of year ice shows. I am looking forward to the time when we have a full team again. (getting closer, now that we have a development program again) The Canberra precision team is called Knightmoves, and they competed in Finland a couple of years ago.

More about ice skating (Added 31.5.99)

Ice hockey

Also known as the world's fastest team sport.

There are several ice hockey teams in Canberra, ranging from the peewee league through to seniors (A and B) and veterans. I played for Thunder in season 1999, as well as playing for the Walers in the senior B league. Both competitions were non-contact, but still lots of fun. Canberra's ice hockey page is here.

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