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As of now, I will discontinue updating YouthVoice Activism. The main reason for this is thta I really don't have the time to do frequent updates and continue to post on the site. However, I do have another site running, which I will use to display my artwork. Don't worry, I'm not abondoning online activism; I will have a blog on the site!!! For now, the web address is: Sop please take a look and read my blog. Thank You!!

Moore Goes on "Slacker Uprising Tour" - 9/27/04
Michael Moore started up a 60-city speaking tour to encourage people to vote. Check your local media for his apperances.
New Article for the week is up. Amy Goodman interviews college students harrassed by FOX news when holding a voter drive on campus.

New Section Added - 9/21/04

Our Positions
section added to let you know where we stand on various issues. Take a look; we don't expect you too agree with everything.

New Greenwald Film Released! - 9/14/04

, producer Robert Greenwald's(Uncovered, OutFoxed) latest documentary, had its world premiere yesterday in Austin Texas. The movie will be shown in select screenings nationwide and is also available on DVD. The movie documents the White House and Justice Department's attack on the civil liberties of ordinary Americans since 9/11. For more visit Public Interest Pictures.
Justin Sane
of Anti-Flag is interviewed on's WireTap on patriotism, community, and the Rock Against Bush Tour.

Is Bush Really That Bad? - 9/8/04

To be frank, yes!
But for what reasons? Sure, there are plenty of reasons out there, but we want to hear yours! Send us a e-mail and tell us why you think George Bush should not be elected in '04. Talk about whatever issues you feel strongest about.
We're putting together a show in St. Louis for October 30, the saturday before the election! If your band is interested, e-mail me!

Well, Here's The New Look! - 9/7/04

    I decided to change the look of the site, and, surprize! Here it is! The old design was kinda dumb and looked like we were trying to be professional and everything, but we're not. Don't wory, more will be up soon! Enjoy!
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