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This page contains Zebra pictures, Zebra facts, and other Zebra information.  The Zebra, scientific name Equus Burchelli, is essentially an African Horse.  Notice the Equus in the scientific name. 

Zebra Pictures Continued

Four zebras staring at the camera


Male Zebras fight for mares.  They bite each other on the neck, back, and knees. They generally don't hurt each other too badly.

Here's more zebras biting

And baby's biting! They shouldn't be BITING YET!

Zebras are social animal

More nipping and biting.

These are Grevy's Zebras or Equus grevyi. They are threatened due to excessive hunting.

Zebras drink at the watering hole at least once a day.  They must watch out for crocodiles while they are drinking. They have to be careful when drinking from bad water holes.

Zebras eat 30 pounds of grass a day.  Grass does not provide as much energy as meat. Therfore, Zebras have to eat alot of grass everyday. Most grasses are not bad grasses, however.

Grevy's zebra is primarily a grazer, eating the scrubby grass of its arid homeland. It supplements this diet by browsing - picking at the available leaves and shoots of scrubland bushes.

When food becomes more readily available after rainy spells, large numbers of Grevy's zebra often come together to feed. Although this looks like a large herd, each individual or small group retains its own identity. Within the herds there may also be plains zebras, as well as ostriches or various types of antelope. The different animals all benefit from one another's presence.

The ostrich's keen eyesight, for example, complements the zebra's sense of smell and general alertness, and by working together in this way the animals can more quickly detect a predator such as a lioness. At the slightest sign of danger the whole gathering of animals takes off over the plains.

Most zebra drink daily if possible, although Grevy's zebra is less dependent than the plains zebra on a regular water supply. During a prolonged drought, however, a mature stallion will cover a large distance each day in search of food and water.

Home Savannah More Zebra Pictures
Zebra Species Even More Zebra Pictures Zebra Facts