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Welcome to The Legion of Bushinryu. What you'll find on this site is character profiles, sprite rips, sound clips and other media that involves the Final Fight/Street Fighter Alpha character Guy. (for now...) I'm not affiliated with Capcom in any way Just a fan....

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Update!! 7/7/00- After a couple of months, I've finally updated! My mugen plans have been put on hold for now. I've grown kind of frustrated with the whole thing. I've updated the profile section, modified the animation section and added a couple of links. I'll be adding a couple of wavs and mp3s soon.

What you'll find on this site...

Character information about Guy and related characters.

Here you can find voice files, BGMs, game storyboards and images.

Sprite Rips of Guy's animations.

Rings, Links, Credits

Why Guy? Because he's one of the coolest and most original characters Capcom has ever made. He's also a character that actually takes some skill to use. I think Capcom has neglected to support Guy in a lot of ways. Apparently, you have to be wearing a Karate gi for them to give you any respect. (Ahem...)