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To get your questions posted, e-mail me.

Q: Where's the Secret Page?
A: It's A secret, but you can buy hints to the Secret Page (not 100 percent guaranteed hints). But if you buy hints, don't tell other members what the clue was.

Q: How many hints can you buy?
A: There's no limit, but each hint costs 100,000 (OOHH!!! Expensive I know). To buy hints, just e-mail me. But notice that you MAY NOT tell other members the hints or you may not obtain any items in the Secret Page.

Q: How do you battle?
A: Okay...First you post it on a certain battlefield on the Message Board that you want to fight ____________ (Member or Team). Then each member chooses a Zoid. And they post the Zoid they want to use (as you do the same). Your Zoids have HP (Hit Points) which is inflicted by the Attack Power. Speed lets Warriors decide who gets the first hit. And if the first person to attack has twice the speed of the other zoid, then they get to go twice(x3 gets to go 3 times and so on). Attack inflicts the damage done to the enemy of your choice. Defense minuses(-) the attack power done to you when you use the command "Defend".  I.Q. is the accuracy of hiting or dodging hits.  The more you have I.Q. the better the accuracy of hiting or dodging hits rate for zoid is .  Reflex gives the ability to counter a target's attack but you have to use the command "Defend" before your opponent attacks.  The Zoid Commands you can use in a battlefield are Attack, Defend, Dodge, or Run.  Attack using a equipment or use no weapons(Zoid's Attack Power).  Defend give the ability to counter and reduce attacking opponent attack power.  Dodge can only be used 5 times in a battle and is based on I.Q. power.  Run is a forfeit for a battle but you don't gain as much money if your opponent runs away from the battle.   But too have an official battle, there will have to be a Judge in the Battlefield. And then you alternate your turns and FIGHT!!! When equiptment is attached, the attack, speed, or defense is raised or lowered. These battles will usually take a few days, but the prize money is worth it. The amount of money you win depends on the Rank you are, but notice that if you lose or run from a battle, then you lose money and you'll have to give it to the other team or warrior according to what battle you were in. If a team loses, it is deducted from their bank. And if an individual loses, then he/she has to pay the money that the judge applies. You will be able to defend, attack, or RUN in battle, but you'll have to post what you decided to do. To view an example click here. Also you only can use one weapon per battle, excluding Melee weapons, due to you will over heat and will have to quit the match.